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Tuesday, September 3,2013

People Food for Dogs?

By Tina Valant-Siebelts  

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.

Remember that adage? Not only is this the way we humans should eat, so should our dogs. This provides fuel to start our day, revs up our metabolism and helps to regulate our weight. The AusSiebelts pack gets a snack in the morning, and then main meal in the early afternoon. Benefits include not preparing our dinner with hungry dogs at foot, they have time to burn calories, and have “done their business” by bed time.


We would get bored of eating the same meal every day, as do our dogs. Here’s a grocery list for your dog---NOT in the pet food aisle -- which is mostly cheap fillers laden with preservatives. Buy organic if you can find/afford it.

Canned pumpkin - NOT pumpkin pie filling Healthy treat with good fiber. In the fall, I roast and puree’ fresh pumpkin. If your dog or cat is constipated or has the opposite issue, pumpkin is the answer.

Plain yogurt Good for the tummy, adds probiotics for digestion, and if you need to give a pill (hide it in a spoonful). I prefer Greek yogurt, less runny.

Natural peanut butter - no added sugar Good for giving meds and dogs love the flavor. Don’t give too much, a lot of calories.

Cottage cheese Easily digestible protein source. Good for putting on weight, or if you need to give medication (hide pill in a spoonful) Clear Pedialyte If your pet is older, ill or gets dehydrated, this adds electrolytes. I usually add to their water.

Chicken broth - regular, NOT fat free Your dog won’t eat?

Add some broth. This is fragrant and has more calories than plain water.

Jars of baby food, with meat Finicky eater? A spoon of baby food over the kibble may entice them; also good for giving meds.

Sardines – salt free, packed in water I serve as a morning snack, each dog gets one or two. Great source of Omega 3, protein and dogs go crazy for them. They see me with a can opener and do the sardine dance.

Fresh fruit and veggies - rich in antioxidants and low fat healthy snacks The flavors and change of texture is welcome. As a treat, offer carrot slices (raw or cooked), fresh steamed green beans, broccoli or baked sweet potato slices (with skin). Some dogs enjoy cantaloupe, strawberries and blueberries.

You can make doggy ice cream, with plain yogurt, canned pumpkin and little peanut butter or chicken broth. Sometimes, I use the yogurt or pumpkin alone. Mix in a bowl and spoon into ice cube trays or small containers. After they freeze, store in containers or bags.

Your dog is going to thank you for reading this, and getting him/her new things to try!


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