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Thursday, February 5,2015

How to turn your "Work Day" into a "Work Out"

By Ashley Dixon  

On eof the main reasons for most people not working out is no time. On a day to day basis we juggle work, school, and kids just to start it all over again the next day without time or energy for that quick workout to keep us healthy and in shape. So here are some easy things you can do at work to make sure you get some sort of work out in every day.

#1: Park your vehicle as far away from your office as possible. This will allow a quick walk to w o r k w h i l e burning off some extra calories. The best part is, you may never have to fight for a parking space again!

#2: Get up on purpose. If you have a sitting job, make a conscious effort to walk to get items, fax, or to talk to someone m o r e t h a n usual. The more active you are at work, the more calories you burn.

#3: Stretch it out. A still body will become a stiff body. When you take bathroom breaks or water breaks, take the time to stretch out the legs, arms, and back. It will help you feel more energized and potentially decrease any potential pain that might arise from the immobility.

#4: Lunch and Stroll.

After you get that bite to eat for lunch, take a stroll to a local park or around the area. Or, instead of driving to get lunch, take a walk to get lunch if it is within walking distance.

#5: Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. You may be the last one to arrive, but at least you got a little work out in.

#6: Add a couple of pounds to your step. If you want to add an extra push to your day, add some ankle weights to your wardrobe to strengthen your legs and hips. It will create a great work out throughout the day as you do your daily activity.

#7: Join a nutritional coworker competition. Have you ever heard of the show The Biggest Loser? Company employees have been recreating this game within their office to create a healthy competition to eat better and exercise more.

These simple tweaks to your work week will not only get you more physically active, but also open your creativity to be a bit more physically fit. For more simple work out ideas, feel free to email Dr. Ashley Dixon, DC, CPT at


Ashley Dixon, DC Chiropractor, Personal Trainer, and Owner of Head to Toe Posture & Rehab Center, LLC in Plantation, FL.


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