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Tuesday, April 7,2015

Detecting Allergies in Dogs

By Pet Expert  

Man’s best friend can suffer from allergies in the same way many humans are affected by them. In fact, a wide variety of things may cause allergic reactions in dogs, and it may be difficult to pin down the exact cause in your dog. The symptoms of allergic reactions can also vary widely from dog to dog. If you notice rashes or hives appearing on the skin of your dog, chances are that allergens are the cause. If a dog is suffering from food allergies, it will likely be scratching, licking and chewing his paws more than usual due to the skin irritation caused by an allergic food reaction. Other symptoms include coughing, sneezing, or vomiting. 

If your dog is showing any symptoms or even simply behaving differently or unusually, then it will be a good idea to come talk to your local Pet Expert at Paw Depot about your concerns. Paw Depot’s pet expert recommends starting pets on a limited ingredient diet to help isolate potential food allergens. In most typical cases a pet’s allergy symptoms will clear up in 3-4 weeks once a pet goes onto a restricted diet that is single protein, grain-free, gluten free, potato free and chicken free. Once your pets suffering and symptoms are eliminated Paw Depot suggests systematically adding foods back into the diet to identify the exact cause of allergy triggers. An allergic reaction will usually re-appear in approximately 5-6 hours after being reintroduced into your pets diet. The alternative is to visit your vet, which can be very time intensive and expensive, and have blood test taken and sent to a lab that specializes in allergies.

The lab will search the blood for specific allergens that are causing the symptoms your dog is displaying. Skin patch tests are another way to determine the specific allergens that are causing symptoms in your dog. Fleas can also spark an allergic reaction in dogs, as well as other inhalants and even common household products. Inhalants that may cause allergies are pollen, dust, dander or mold. Some dogs may also have allergic reactions from contacting toxic plants and chemicals, or fabrics such as nylon. Although these cases are rare the Paw Depot Pet experts can recommend several all natural supplements that will help boost your pets immunity. Coconut oil and supplements or treats with Bee pollen, Norwegian kelp and fish oil are a great start. For more Free Expert Pet advice, Free Delivery of Pet Supplies or Professional Grooming Services contact the Paw Depot at:

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