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Wednesday, June 8,2016

Motivation vs. Inspiration

By Wayne Dyer  

It’s important to note that whatever is be moved by a force that’s more powerful than needed to fulfill our calling is part of the our ego and all of its illusions, is inspiration. And present process. Arthur Miller, who was being in-Spirit is the place where we connect to perhaps the most accomplished dramatist the invisible reality that ultimately directs us in the U.S., is an example of a man who toward our calling. Often we can identify these knew this. In an interview late in his life, he was inspired times by their insistence, and because asked, “Are you working on a new play?” Mr. they seem not to make sense while at the same Miller’s answer went something like this: “I don’t time they keep appearing in our consciousness. know if I am or not, but I probably am.” This If we ignore inspiration’s powerful attraction, delightful response suggests that Miller’s writing the result is personal discomfort or a sense of came from inspiration - that is, something other disconnection from ourselves. For any number of than ego spurred him on. reasons, we might be resistant when we feel called By contrast, highly motivated people have a to create, perform, visit a foreign place, meet kind of ego determination driving them over someone, express ourselves, help another, or be obstacles and toward goals - nothing gets in their a part of a cause. Inspiration is a calling to proceed even though we’re unsure of goals or way. Now, most of us have been taught that this is an admirable trait; in fact, when we’re not achievements - it may even insist that we go in accomplishing and demonstrating drive and the direction of uncharted territory. ambition, we’ve been told to “get motivated!” Throughout various stages of life, inspiration Lectures, books, videos, and audio recordings is the thought or idea reconnecting us to the abound that preach that all we have to do is energy we were part of prior to becoming a dedicate ourselves to an idea with actions microscopic particle. I call this “surrendering to designed to make it a reality. This is a beneficial our destiny and allowing ourselves to hear the approach for a different level of accomplishment call”. At this point we can differentiate between - but what we’re exploring in these pages is what the demands of our ego and those of the egodominated people and institutions that deflect leads us to precisely Sudoku what requires we’re meant no arithmetic to be and skills. do... our ultimate calling. us from the call of inspiration. As we move more If motivation The is grabbing object of an the idea game and carrying is to fill all deeply the into Spirit, we cease to be guided by the it through to an blank acceptable squares conclusion, with the then correct inspiration is the reverse. When we’re in the grip of der to the always-present force that urges us to numbers. ego demands of others or ourselves. We surren- inspiration, an Each idea has row taken of 9 hold numbers of us must from include the be all in this blissful state of inspiration. We’re digits 1 through 9 in any order. invisible reality of Spirit. Something that seems guided by our ultimate calling, which is truly Each column of 9 numbers must include to come from afar, where we allow ourselves to our life purpose. all digits 1 through 9 in any order.



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