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Thursday, September 1,2016

Physical check-ups & Metaphysical check-ups

By Cary Bayer  

Most good health insurance policies recommend that their policyholders see their doctors for a physical check-up on an annual basis. I’m recommending that you see your life coach or meditation teacher for a metaphysical check-up, as well. You probably have never heard of such a procedure before reading that sentence, so allow me to explain what it is.

When your medical professional gives you a physical he checks your blood pressure, weighs you, examines you, perhaps tests your eyes to see how your vision is doing, and takes a blood sample to see what’s going on in your body to discover any possible hidden diseases like diabetes, for example. When your spiritual professional gives you a metaphysical, he can teach you meditation. This session, for example, will give you an experience of weightlessness, help you lower your blood pressure, possibly open your third eye, and give you the opportunity to examine on a face-to-face basis the Transcendent within your self at the deepest level of your mind.


There are many other differences between a physical and a metaphysical. As a result of a physical, your physician might give you some kind of protocol to follow that might include exercise. Your metaphysician, on the other hand, might give you some Hatha Yoga physical postures to practice on a daily basis.

Your MD might also give you a prescription that involves you taking daily medications. For his part, your metaphysician might recommend that you do daily meditations. You might be invited to receive his meditation training so that you can practice his method for the rest of your life.

Your medical man might also want you to increase your energy level. Your spiritual guide might want you to awaken your energy centers. These are known in the Yoga tradition as chakras. Your scientifically-trained man might give you some nutritional advice to increase your energy levels, by perhaps changing your diet. Your esoterically-trained person might give you a mantra to balance your energy centers.

If there are problems with your vision, your doctor might suggest that you see an ophthalmologist and get a prescription for eyeglasses. If there’s any weakness in your inner vision, your life coach might teach you a visualization technique that can aid you in speeding up the manifestation of your intentions. Your doctor would be enriching the performance of your eyes, your coach would be enriching the experience of your I, your sense of self.

Your doctor might encourage you to take on a protocol of some kind that involves taking nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals every day. Your metaphysician might also teach you a vital affirmation practice every day. This can help you make use of the metaphysical laws of Nature, such as the Law of Attraction, to help you in your wish to manifest your desires.

If your doctor has a holistic bent, he might see that some of your physical imbalances have mental and emotional counterparts. If you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, for example, it might have something to do with hostilities between you and those you’ve loved. He might ask you to find peace between you and such people. Your life coach would likely be better equipped to teach you exactly how to forgive and make such peace. These might include the Forgiveness Diet of Sondra Ray, the Radical Forgiveness of Colin Tipping, and the Forgiveness Letter that I teach.

To prepare for a physical, your doctor will most likely ask you to fast overnight, to refrain from taking any food or beverage. This prepares you for the blood testing that will follow on the day of your check-up. Your metaphysician will possibly recommend that you fast from time to time as a way of purifying your body, mind, and spirit to receive inspiration from your higher Self.

Your metaphysician most likely will not be covered by insurance, but I assure you, if you see him and get a metaphysical check-up, you will be on your way to a healthier, perhaps wealthier, and more spiritually awakened life than you ever lived before.


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