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Thursday, December 7,2017

Change Your Channel, Change Your Life

By Cary Bayer  


Tv channels and radio stations pick up the frequencies from broadcast towers that enable you to watch and listen to their programs. Your thoughts, which also have frequencies, get picked up in the conscious part of your mind from the Source of Thought from whence they came. Dwelling on the negative ones and turning them into speech and action, as well, keeps you stuck in low vibration ruts for longer than necessary. Learning how to surf out of those frequencies into higher ones in a quick manner makes all the difference in how happy and successful you become in life.

You can watch Bravo and see real catty housewives undressed to the nines to feed your envy or vengeance, or you can watch PBS present “Masterpiece Theater.” You can stimulate your senses or cultivate your intellect. The choice, as it is with all of television, is yours. Be alert to the media that you expose yourself to so that you see which programs, films and magazines bring you down and which lift your spirits. Once you know, you can make intelligent choices.

The same can be said about your thoughts. When disempowering concepts about yourself float up to consciousness, what do you do with them?

Do you engage them, wallowing in their disempowerment, taking each strand and elongating it? Or do you simply change channels, thanking the thought for coming your way, and blessing it on its journey away from you? When you surf the many hundreds of TV channels available to you, you keep your finger on the remote until you find something more to your liking. You can do the same thing with the thoughts that you entertain.

When you languish in negativity you set into motion a viscous cycle in which the negative thought that pops into your mind gets stronger the more time and attention you give to it. Spending a minute or more on such insidious content fleshes it out, and may even cause you to get depressed. Getting depressed drops you down into a still lower vibration, which attracts further low-level material from within yourself and/or unhappy encounters with others, as well as unfortunate events. This further strengthens the downward spiral, as does speaking such thoughts about yourself and acting on them as well.

On the other hand, there’s what I’ve named a Delicious Cycle, which I discuss at length in chapter 10 of my book, How to Overcome Procrastination Now, in which the Law of Attraction works this time to your advantage. Let’s look at a typical New Year’s resolution. Let’s say on January 1, you decide that you want to lose 20 pounds in the New Year, so you put together a combination diet/exercise regimen. You’ve been invited to watch one of the college football bowl games that afternoon, a party in which potato chips, fried chicken, pizza, and cookies, chocolate, and cake will be ever-present. Instead you choose to spend the afternoon in the gym for an intense two-hour workout.

You return home feeling stronger in your body and far more committed in your mind to your body’s New Year transformation than if you had gone to the party and succumbed to all those sweets and high-fat snacks. In other words, you let your higher Self direct how you spent your time, instead of your lower self as you’ve done at so many countless parties before. The next day your resolve to trim is even stronger, and avoiding the bagel and croissant spread at the morning office conference is a piece of cake - oops, make that a piece of fruit. When you weigh in the following week, you discover that you lost three pounds. That news further lifts your spirits, which inspires you to start jogging and lifting more weights. To celebrate your positive cycle, you book a facial, instead of buying a pint of Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream, which took part in many previous celebrations in the past. During and after the facial you feel even better in your body and mind, and you opt to attend a Yoga class. Present in mind and body on your mat for that hour makes you feel even better, so you book a series of 10 classes at a discounted price. You save money, you grow in peace of mind, and flexibility in body, and that inspires you even more to stay on your body-trimming program. This is what’s called a Delicious Cycle.

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on expands. So if you languish in low-level energies they will get stronger. On the other hand, if you get into the good habit of surfing away from such downward dogs of thought you strengthen the ability to pick and choose how much attention you give to each impulse of thinking that pops into your consciousness. And the next Downward Dog you experience is in that Yoga class, which gets your Delicious Cycle rising up - like your mood - once again.


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