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Thursday, February 8,2018

Sinbad Restaurant and Café

For the Awesome Cuisine of Chef Sakine Guven

By Arnold Leir  

We are all familiar with the tale of Sinbad the Sailor and his fantastic adventures .


From a gastronomic point of view, Chef Sakine Guven of Boca’s Sinbad Restaurant and Café will provide you with unrivaled scrumptious adventures the likes of which you will experience no where else. Formally trained in the culinary arts in Istanbul, Turkey and the owner of the popular Efes Bistro in Boca Raton, she transforms the simplest ingredients into a feast fit for a king.

The light filled dining room is a stunning setting with its immaculate set tables decorated with red and white napery. The colors are echoed throughout the interior and harmonize perfectly with the imaginative graphics gracing the walls.

Everything we ate on our visit was a delight: quality fresh ingredients, prepared and presented in an unpretentiously clever ways and always with a Mediterranean flair. A starter of cold appetizers, beautifully plated, was the starting point of our evening’s adventure. We used crisp, warm pita to scoop up incomparable hummus, baba channouj (creamy, seasoned egg plant)

and cocik (cucumber yogurt). Cuts of satiny grape leaves, savory eggplant in tomato sauce and Lobneh ( thick creamy yogurt enhanced with mint and walnuts) went down without the assistance of pita .The textures and flavors of every morsel were truly incomparable.

From the Hot Appetizers, order the delectable Zucchini Pancakes, a gently sautéed treat featuring fragile squash and carrots. Each portion is a triumph of contrasting textures: the crispy exterior singing in harmony with the peerless creaminess of the filling.

While reflecting on your choices, be sure to ask for the beverage menu featuring a delightful selection of imported and domestic wines (by the glass and by the bottle), beer as well as a number of other select beverages.

And then the main event:

Mediterranean Sea Bass, a whole branzino char grilled to perfection. Beneath the crisp exterior lay brilliant white, sweet filet with the freshest flavor imaginable. (If you are not an expert at deboning, I suggest you let the staff do it.) A scoop of exquisite bulgur and mixed vegetables rode along side.

A quartet of chops was the star of the lamb entrée, Lamb Chops. Marinated with a blend of Arabic spices and grilled to preserve all the natural juices, each chop was a stupendous treat and partnered with bulgur plus fresh veggies.

We ended our gourmet voyage with portions of to-die-for baklava. It took just one night for Chef Sakine, a culinary Scheherazade, to pack one thousand and one flavors into one spectacular evening dinner. For more information about specials, delivery and catering by Sinbad Restaurant and Café, log on to

9050 Kimberly Boulevard (Tel) 561-931-2928 Open daily


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