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Monday, August 1,2011

Commercial Real Estate News


Florida Commercial Real Estate Conditions

Looking Back at the First Half of 2011 in our Florida Markets

Reasonable real estate assessments are being made every so often to make sure any progress is tracked and documented for the benefit of numerous people. Having gone through the first half of 2011, people have been looking back and making reviews on how things have been going, and one segment of the real estate market which has been taken into consideration is the commercial real estate niche for the state of Florida.

The past couple of months have proven to be somewhat slow in terms of activity and movement but the trends that have been noticed are definitely positive, especially since its takeoff from the last few months of 2010. In fact, the southern region of Florida has experienced a much faster rate of activity compared to that of its northern counterpart which has not been exposed to as much activity in the commercial real estate market.

It is definitely a good thing for real estate enthusiasts, especially those that are directly involved with the Florida commercial real estate market. To see that things have been able to follow through smoothly since the end of last year is something people were hoping for as well as to continue for the upcoming months.

Should the positive trend in commercial real estate within Florida keep up with the changing times, it is likely the rest of Florida real estate will follow suit. That would be a very good thing for both the real estate world and the state itself. Where there are commercial real estate activities, people can expect to find some great opportunities and that is always a good thing for any location.

Among the various observations that have been made, people have noticed there has been a good degree

of interest in sublease spaces all across Florida. Also, rental rates for various Florida commercial real estate properties are likely to even out and remain consistent since these rates began to increase from being at a very low range in the past couple of years.

As far as the industrial modes of commercial real estate within the state of Florida, it seems that Miami happens to have displayed some very good changes as the vacancy within the region has dropped from 10.3 percent to a much healthier 7.8 percent.

If things continue to move in the same positive direction that the Florida commercial real estate market has been moving in —for the next couple of months or years — then we can definitely look forward to a better way of life, starting with better real estate conditions.


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