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Wednesday, April 3,2013

How do you really feel about Exercise?

By Dana Gore  

I have a confession to make… I have to put forth effort in order to get motivated to work out. While I am educated and trained as a fitness professional, I am not naturally inspired to exercise.

I don’t consistently feel this burning desire to attend every boot camp class there is, nor do I feel like experiencing the pain of a workout as often as a lot of other trainers do. Why am I telling you this truth?

Because my nose grows if I lie (oh no wait - that was someone else’s story)!

I’m confessing this because as I sit here and write - every single month - about the process of well-being, you would benefit from knowing that I am like you. Actually, I AM you! And I relate to your laziness, love of cheese, disdain for your stressful routine and overwhelming desire for cupcakes every time you watch an episode of Two Broke Girls.

So while I can openly admit to the fact that I am not always eager to pump iron at the drop of a hat, I CAN tell you that I appreciate the feelings of well-being so much so…that I have actually altered my brain chemistry enough to become someone who enjoys good health and vitality simply for the love of it.

See, we have been taught that in order to achieve what we desire, we have to struggle. Now I’m not knocking hard work, because I do feel that focused thought and energy on something one desires pays huge dividends. What I am referring to, however, is the resistance, or as I phrased it earlier, the struggle.

The only way to create a "diet and exercise routine" that will be sustainable is to find what you absolutely LOVE about the process of well-being and relish in it as often as possible.

So what does that look like for you?

For me, it looks like juicing vegetables and making delicious dishes filled with nutrient-dense superfoods, taking walks by the ocean, and shorter bouts of intense exercise while listening to whatever makes me want to move at that particular time.

Simply put, it looks like joy. Because if it looked like a chore, it would never get done!

So what does it look like for you? A bike ride in nature? A yoga class followed by a smoothie with a dear friend?

Martial arts?

Ask. And then explore.


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