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Monday, June 3,2013

To My Readers:

By Roger Zona  


We miss our northern basement. How do we store all our extra belongings?


A Basements are a rarity on the east coast of Florida and a garage is the best substitute.


Organized well, the walls and ceiling of your garage can provide a wealth of storage space. And, depending on how much you want to invest in the space will determine how it is put to use. There are companies that specialize in organizing a garage. They sell cabinets, hangers, shelving, hooks, baskets, cartons, and anything else that can be used to organize your belongings. First, analyze the space available. How many lineal feet of wall is available for storage devices. Shelving can be installed from the floor to the ceiling and provide space for items that are used frequently and storage of seasonal items. It is best to keep like things in the same space. Tools, for example can be stored with or above a work bench. Garden tools can be hung on the wall or in a divided storage container that can hold rakes, hoes, shovels, etc. Store garden hoses next to the water taps and on reels.

Seasonal things such as Halloween and Xmas decorations are best kept together and on the highest shelves because you only take them down one time each year. Your attic is another source of storage space but can be difficult to access and the heat that builds up in the attic can damage items. Furniture and large items are difficult to store in your home. If it becomes a necessary there is always the self-storage warehouses that have air conditioned storage areas. Many items are best preserved in a controlled space. You may also want to consider a garden shed if you have space for one. A shed may not be allowed if you live in a condominium or have a Home Owners Association. Check 1 st before you commit to buying one. Also, you must apply for a building permit to install a shed on your property and it must meet hurricane code conditions. Another alternative would be to designate one of your bedrooms for a storage area. Don’t become a hoarder – get rid of your surplus items by donation, a yard sale or advertise on Craig’s List.



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