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Wednesday, August 7,2013

To My Readers:

By Roger Zona  


My propane grille is difficult to clean. Have you any easy solution?

 Answer: I know exactly what you are asking about.  I too have a rather large propane grille that my kids gave me – thinking I would really cook up a storm with multiple burners, a rotating spit and other features. From the very first time I used it, the job of cleaning it was a monumental task.

I first tried soaking all the parts in a tub of water and detergent.  Then I would spray all the pieces with a grease solvent.  Cleaning the interior – non removal parts – was the hardest job, and the messiest.  

Then, in desperation I bought one of those little hand-held steam cleaners. They are not expensive and have many uses. Using it was a major improvement.  Steam is very hot and reverts to liquid quickly.  The hot steam does a good job on all the grease and drippings from the grille parts and interior.  Plus the steam gets into corners and places that are difficult to clean by hand. It is still helpful to have a tub of clean water and a small pail of water with detergent to finish the job.

When I return the parts to the grille, I turn on all the burners for a few minutes to dry the grid and interior. My grille has a grease collector which is a small can hanging from the bottom of the grille.  This too must be steamed and cleaned.  Last but not least, an unclean grille will attract creatures including roaches, rats, ants and who knows what else.

If I had my choice, I would have preferred a charcoal grille.  The propane is quick and easy to use, and now I have another tool (the steam cleaner) that helps solve that nasty cleaning job.  My wife argues that she keeps the kitchen ovens and cooktop clean therefore, since I am the grille master, I can keep the grille clean. Not my logic, but who wants to argue with their wife?

The steam cleaner is a very handy tool.  It is simple to use but you still should use caution when dealing with steam.  It is hot, hot, hot! Don’t get your hands near the nozzle and always point away from yourself.


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