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Tuesday, September 3,2013

Real Humility

By Mort Crim  
Most of the world’s truly great people have a genuine humility about them. Oh, I know, there are plenty of famous people who are pompous, conceited, and self-important. But I’m not talking about fame. I’m talking about greatness. I have in mind great musicians like the composer and pianist Johannes Brahms. After performing two of his piano concertos in Berlin, he attended a dinner in his honor. The host proposed a toast to “the most famous composer.” Before the host could get out any more words, Brahms hastily hoisted his glass and shouted, “Quite On another occasion, Brahms vis- right. Here’s to Mozart!” ited a great wine connoisseur. In honor of his distinguished guest, the man had brought out several of his best wines. “This is the Brahms of my cellar, ” he announced as he poured one particularly choice wine into the great composer’s glass.

Brahms went through the tasting ritual, looked closely at the wine, inhaled its bouquet. Then, after sip- ping it, he placed his glass on the table, turned to his host, and said, “Better bring out your Beethoven.”



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