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Friday, December 6,2013

Who Really Pays the Commission?


In Real Estate you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. It can be argued and, quite rightfully, the buyer always pays the commission. Why? Because, it’s typically part of the sales price. If the seller did not sign an agreement to pay a commission, the sales price might have been lowered. Therein lies the appeal of buying homes through unrepresented sellers because, given the same logic, those prices should reflect a net sales price without a commission. Many sellers haven’t quite figured this out yet which causes potential buyers of those listings to be consistently disappointed.

At Happy Herald Realty we do not list properties, we Market to Sell… Show, Present Written Offers from Qualified Buyers and when the price offered is accepted by the Seller and Buyer we continue to provide assistance in the closing process. This helps alleviate much of the confusion. Don’t be astonished that the new generation of sellers and buyers each retain their own representation.

Happy Herald Realty Represents Buyers Exclusively. We earn our fee as the part of the sales price. We charge NO LISTING FEES; we promote and sell homes with our Exclusive Marketing Agreement without costing the seller a dime. No hidden charges. NO Listing Agreement. Find out how Happy Herald Newspaper and Web Optimized Marketing Services reach millions of buyers locally and internationally. Contact us for further information.


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