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Tuesday, March 4,2014

Poor Preparation

By Brian Tracy  


Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a human resources company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. President of Brian Tracy University, a private online University for Sales and Entrepreneurship (

Thorough preparation separates the sheep from the goats among professional salespeople. The top salesperson takes the time to diligently study every detail of her product or service. She reviews and then reviews again. She takes notes . Shedecidesin advance that no one will ever ask her a question that she cannot answer intelligently and completely.

The very best salespeople memorize their product´s specifications. If they lost all their brochures and sales information, they could still give a compelling sales Presentation with just the information stored in their own heads.

One of the great benefits of thorough preparation is the confidence that it gives you. When you are thoroughly prepared, you are calmer, more relaxed, and more positive. You feel good about yourself. You have a positive mental atti- tude. As a result, you make a positive impression on the prospect and cause him or her to relax as well. The entire sales process is smoother and easier .

Preparation really pays off.



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