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Thursday, April 3,2014

When Opportunity Doesn’t Knock

By Mort Crim  
What do you do when you come up against a wall? I mean a wall too high to climb over, too wide to get around. What do you do when you´ve tried everything you can think of to scale that wall that´s developed between you and your spouse? When you´ve exhausted every option trying to get past the job barriers that keep you from advancing, what do you do?

Sometimes you have to do what a good offensive line does in a football game. You have to create an opening. If you can´t get over or around, maybe you´ll just have to push through. But you have to be attuned to exactly the right opportunity:

A woman managed to get her call through to the CEO of a large firm. She said, "You were at a party Saturday night and you met a young woman in a navy blue dress. You talked to her for about half an hour."

The CEO said, "Yes, that´s true." "And," the woman continued, "You told her you were impressed with her knowledge and insight and that there might be a place for her on your staff, and you said to call you first thing this week."

You don’t just luck into things … you build step by step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities


"That´s right," the CEO responded. Then the caller said, "Well, I was listening to you both, and if she hasn´t called, I´d like the job."

Opportunity doesn´t always knock.

Sometimes it simply stands quietly on the steps, waiting for us to open the door.


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