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Thursday, June 5,2014

The Art of HealingArt

By Jackie Lapin  

South  Florida acclaimed, award-winning and internationally renowned artist and peace activist Jacqueline Ripstein creates each of her remarkable works of art in three different wavelengths of light - normal light, black light and a combination of both. In each version, seemingly hidden images appear which have an unexpected impact on the subconscious.

Much as subliminal advertising impacts people at a deep level beyond the conscious mind, so do Jacqueline Ripstein’s artworks. The impact is one of healing often intractable emotional suffering, anxiety, fears and even physical issues. The result is extraordinarily freeing for people, a sense of peace.

But if you don’t believe that, perhaps you’ll believe the scientists who have studied people who have viewed her work or have read her new one-of-a-kind book, The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness. According to leading scientists, individuals who are tested consistently show measurable transformative results. Jacqueline can even demonstrate this with muscle testing - showing weakness in the body before viewing and then immediate change to full strength afterward.

This patented Invisible Art & Light TechniqueÓ that Jacqueline has created deliberately enhances the color vibrations in the art to connect to the human energy system, raising the frequency in the viewer, healing wounds known and unknown. Part of the wonder with this artwork in three wavelengths enables the viewer to see different aspects and features - faces, figures, patterns, ethereal constructs and more - in each view. This forces the viewer to seek out the invisible so it can be known and absorbed thoroughly - similarly to uniting disconnected parts of oneself. This accounts for the Wow Factor that takes the reader by storm upon perusing the book. The message conveyed through her work is an empowering one: “Only those that see the Invisible, can do the Impossible!”

The Art of HealingArt was itself birthed from adversity-turned-into-inspiration. For three years, from 2005 to 2008, Ripstein was unable to speak. Doctors could only surmise that she had suffered a stroke or brain injury, but they ultimately diagnosed a brain tumor. Suffering from a complete lack of vital energy, she couldn’t live a normal life. Unable to communicate, Jacqueline drew inward and began to perceive the “lessons” offered in the book. Eventually one doctor finally did discover the cause of her disability – the complete collapse of her immune system. It took one more year of intense treatments to restore her health. By then, The Art of HealingArt had unfolded on paper and canvas.

Born in Mexico, self-taught but already on her way as an acclaimed artist at the age of 12, Ripstein has long earned the praise of international art collectors and critics. But it is also her work as a peace envoy around the world for the United Nations and other organizations that has increased her visibility. She passionately promotes the concept that art - all uplifting art, not just hers - can return humanity to a place of peace. And can we not use more peace in the world today?

If you would like to profile or interview Jacqueline Ripstein or review her book, please contact me. We have both a digital color version available for review or the B&W softcover edition.


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