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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Question: My kitchen cabinets need organizing.

Do you have a suggestion to help me gain some space without completely remodeling the kitchen?

By Roger Zona  


A: Several areas in a home need to be well organized – closets, garage, kitchen, etc. The kitchen is used most frequently and being organized can help you keep your sanity and save your marriage.

There is a cost to this improvement but you will think it was a bargain at twice the price once you have pull-out shelving installed. There are several companies in the same price range. A typical kitchen will cost about $1000. I added the shelving to our kitchen and it has been the best improvement I could have made – according to my wife. The pull-out shelves (often referred to as roll-out shelving) are custom made and your kitchen must be measured to be sure the shelves fit and operate properly. The old shelving is removed. The new shelves are constructed like a drawer. The sides are various heights depending on how close together the shelves are installed. No pulls or knobs are that specialize in pull-out shelving and they are generally needed. The only lost space in drawer or shelf rolling hard- the entire cabinet is where the ware are installed at the sides.

Generally two pull-out shelves fit in a typical base cabinet which is with a single or double door and a drawer at the top.

You will retrieve twice the space in a pantry cabinet with the pull-out shelves. They are installed with a different space between the shelves to accommodate food storage – tin cans, boxes, storage containers, etc.

Most kitchen cabinets are manufactured in three inch (3”) width increments – 9”, 12”, 15”, 18” etc. Plan your shelves to store stacked pots and pans. A single pull-out shelf in the sink cabinet works very well for organizing your dish washing supplies, etc. Buy drawer organizers for silverware, knives, etc.

Google “Kitchen Pull-out Shelving” and you will find several web pages with pictures of all the variations to the shelf system.

Good luck with your project.


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