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Tuesday, October 7,2014

Confidently Ignore Customer Skepticism

By Brian Tracy  

Virtually all customers are hesitant about buying. They are skeptical. They have been burned many times by sales people in the past. As a result, they give a lot of knee-jerk objections and reasons for not buying. “I’m not interested.” “I don’t have the money.” “Business is slow right now.” “Let me think it over.” “I need to talk to someone else.” “Leave me something to look at,” and so on. But none of these are real reasons for not buying. They are normal and automatic responses to any sales offering. However, if you confidently expect to sell, and take no note of these objections, the customer eventually begins to relax and come around. Many an uncertain buyer has been completely turned around by the positive attitude and con fident expectations of The salesperson simply ignored the the salesperson. initial sales resist ance and kept on talking, asking questions, and listening.

Eventually, the customer’s resis- tance broke down, and he decided to buy. When you have been sold by a professional salesperson, you stay sold. You actually enjoy the experience. You don’t experience buyer’s remorse. You are happy that you bought the product or service, and you are eager to get it and begin using and enjoying it. And the more confident and positive the salesperson, the more satisfied you are with the buy ing experience.

This should be your goal with each of your customers as well.


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