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Monday, July 6,2015

A new bath look

By Roger Zona  


Question: My home is nearly 50 years old and the bathrooms are looking shabby. Any suggestions for do-ityourself improvements? Answer:

Answer: There are many things you can do to improve the current look or to create a new look. The finish on tubs can become dull from water and soap. It’s not an easy job but a lot of elbow grease can improve the looks and the tub will have a nice sheen. Same for vanity tops and sinks. Next clean the ceramic tile. Especially floor tile.

The grout becomes dirty and the tile loses its gloss. Again – scrubbing (with a grout cleaner) makes the tile standout. Another method of cleaning grout is to use a scrapping tool that removes the top of the existing grout. Then you apply a new coating of the same color or different color grout.

A new paint job can change the look of your bathroom. Try a different color or match the tile color. Either way it is a new look. Wallpaper can be effective also but be sure you use a wallpaper suitable for damp conditions.

Mirrors can be very effective in changing the appearance of the bathroom. A framed mirror can look like a picture. Which, by the way, is not a bad idea. A series of small framed pictures cangive your bathroom a theme.

Another quick method of improving the looks of the room – new fixtures. A new WC (water closet or toilet) costs about $200 and all the new WC’s are low volume water usage. Your savings in your water bill will help offset the cost.

Don’t forget your towels. They can add another new color or match the existing tile or paint. You may want to add a couple towel ring holders to display the towels.

Last, but not least, replacing a tub with a walk-in shower is a major undertaking and generally is best done by a contractor. Tubs seem to get less use as a tub but they are not as convenient or safe as a shower stall.

 A shower is costly because it requires a plumber to adjust the drain and usually the faucet needs to be replaced. Then there is the added cost of a glass door, although a rod for a shower curtain works too.

Try the cleaning and painting project first. You will have much less invested except for your time. Good luck.


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