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Wednesday, September 2,2015

You Get What You Pay For

By Brian Tracy  

From time to time, when the price is above a customer’s expectations, he will say, “That’s more t han we expected to pay. Can’t I get it for less?”

Here is how you respond. First, you ask, “Mr. Prospect, did you ever get something for nothing?” He will admit that he never really got something for nothing.

You then ask, “Mr. Prospect, did you ever get anything cheap that turned out to be any good?”

Never forget that, in the eyes of a customer, salespersons’ assertions are not proof. Just because you say something is true does not mean that it is true in the mind of the prospect.

Again, after a few seconds, he will concede that he never got anything cheap that turned out  to be of any value.

Finally, you ask, “Mr. Prospect, isn’t it true that you always get pretty much what you pay for?”

When he agrees that this is true, you can then say, “Mr. Prospect, this is a great price, and this is a very competitive market. We are selling this product for the lowest possi ble price we can and still stay in business. If you want a great-quality product that is going to last a long time and do the job for you, sometimes you have to flex your budget some where else to get the money you need. Isn’t that true?”


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