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Tuesday, October 6,2015

Offer a Free Trial

By Brian Tracy  

We have a self-storage business with several hundred units for rent. Many people have crowded closets and cluttered garages, but they have never thought of putting their excess furniture and possessions into a selfstorage unit. To counter this, we offer them one free month. They can move all their excess possessions out of their home and into their own private self-storage unit a few blocks away for thirty days. After that, if they are not satisfied, they can came and get all of their possessions and move them back home. What do you think happens?

When you are offering an excellent product or service, one that brings about high levels of customer satisfaction, let them try it out.

The answer is obvious. Once people experience the convenience of cleaning out their closets, clearing out their garages, and moving all their seldom-used materials to a selfstorage, they very seldom want to go through the time and trouble of moving all those things back home again. They quickly begin to see the selfstorage unit as an extension of their own homes or apartments. It become slike an additional room in their homes where they can store things that they hardly ever use. This is the primary reason why the self-storage business is booming everywhere. It is a perfect example of the puppy-dog close.



By Brian Tracy


Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a human resources company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. President of Brian Tracy University, a private online University for Sales and Entrepreneurship (


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