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Tuesday, October 6,2015

Extra Storage Needed

By Roger Zona  

I miss my basement. I could store all my surplus “junk” and save things that were too good to throw away. We never saw a basement while looking for our home. Got any suggestions?

This is Florida and little has changed in home designs or building materials. There have been attempts at building a basement but the water table is too close to the surface. For example, the water table at my home is only seven feet below and in many areas there is a much higher table. My roof is a 6/12 pitch which opened up the attic space and it became our “basement”. 

A friend of mine had an older home on the intracoastal island and it had a basement. It was a constant Sudoku requires no arithmetic water and humidity problem so it sat empty. My The brother object lived of the in game the center part of blank the state squares and with he had the a basement that was high and dry.


As for storage Each space row - many of 9 numbers homes have a separate laundry digits room 1 through which 9 also becomes Each a catch-all column of for 9 numbers the all digits 1 through 9  “good junk”.

The best I can offer is: change your habits and get rid of “things” you don’t use regularly. Even with my walk-thru attic my two-car garage doesn’t house my cars. The next thing is to organize your garage. (Now you understand why carports can never be more than a place to park your car - no one wants all his junk exposed to the world!) Start with the ceiling. There is a lot of space between the top of your car and the garage ceiling. Sort items to be stored in your garage and suspend the storage boxes from the ceiling using hooks and nylon rope. At the side that has the most space to open your car door, line the space with shelving. You can buy steel, wood or plastic shelving. It should be installed floor to ceiling to maximize your shelving space.

Husbands usually like a work bench in the garage. Drive your cars into the garage and determine how much space you have from the end of your car to the wall. You may be able to buy a bench that will fit in the space but, if necessary, build a bench to fit. Leave enough room at the rear of the car to allow you to walk behind the car.

In other words, use all the space available where you can easily get to the items that you use frequently.

If you are thinking about moving, make the garage improvements for storage and feature the space as “extra storage”.

Good luck on your home improvement projects.


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