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Thursday, August 2,2018

National vegan chain Veggie Grill supports Kindness Education

By Susan Hargreaves  
When you are part of an all volunteer, grassroots nonprofit, and a major vegan restaurant chain shows they believe in your mission to empower youth and help all species of animals via free education, recognition and activation programs, well, it feels like a really big deal. So, when the Veggie Grill head office representative in Los Angeles agreed to, once again, provide complimentary vegan fare for an Animal Hero Kids’ “Don’t Drop the Mic” event featuring youth who inspire compassion by creatively using spoken word, poetry, and song, it is extremely encouraging and heartening.

The Veggie Grill’s vegan carrot cake, brownies and cookies were enjoyed by all. The event was emceed by Jane Velez Mitchell, formerly of HLN news fame. Jane currently specializes solely in animal rights news and issues with her Jane Unchained reports. The coprez crew consisting of Evan, Genesis and Hannah all wowed the crowd with their spoken word and rap engendering empathy. Portland singer-songwriter Daniel Redwood flew in with his guitar and regaled the crowd with his original music.

Do You Know a Creative Animal Hero?

If you know of any youth under the age of 21 years old, an individual or a group who you wish to nominate for a creative award category with material inspiring compassion or fostering empathy, please nominate them at

12 year old Animal Hero Helps Calves

Josie has a soft spot for all animals and is determined to help calves in her home state.

One of my favorite and most uplifting parts of the role I play as the founder is meeting compassionate children and teens from around the world. In June, I spoke at the largest animal rights conference in the world which hosted just under 2,000 attendees. One of the most outgoing volunteers for the Animal Hero Kids booth was a brand new Animal Hero Kids coprez named Josie who is dedicated and determined to... well, I have asked Josie to tell us all about it, in her own words...

‘’ I am working to help calves in Virginia by banning veal crates. The calves need our help because they can’t fight for themselves. The male calves are taken from their mother and put in crates, chained, and then can’t turn around. My petition has 2,000 signatures so far and I will be meeting with my Representative Barbara Comstock to ask her to help.

When one of my friends, Anna, went vegetarian, I knew I could do it. I look at the difference I and many other Animal Hero Kids Copresidents, like Genesis, Evan and Hannah, have made when it comes to just their vegan diet.

I am also an Animal Hero Kids coprez which means I advocate for animals by educating other youth and encourage everyone to get active in the Animal Rights Movement and attend demos and speak out. I know youth can make a big impact and you can do anything if you believe. “ If you wish to sign Josies’ petition go to site for the link and if you go to Veggie Grill definitely, do not miss getting the mashed potatoes and gravy superbly concluded by the heavenly moist carrot cake!



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