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Tuesday, February 1,2011

This, That, And Any Economy

By Bob Burg  

This, That, And Any Economy


Yes, the economy is beginning to tilt upwards, which is a good thing. Still, while their remains a struggle, people continue to ask what to do in "this" economy to bring in new business. In other words, "what works now in a still-challenging economy?" And, my answer continues to be, "basically, the same things that work in any economy" ... provide value, and be sure to communicate that value. Of course, you might have to find more people to do that with in order to get the same results, but that’s okay; as your competitors retreat in panic, you’re moving forward.

Important: Stay conscious of the basics. Understand that people don’t care about your product or service; they care about what your product or service will do for them. And that’s what you must communicate.

So, do you show your prospect that you have the solutions to his or her problem and can make their life better with your products/services? Keep in mind, that’s what they care about so in order to make the sale that must be your focal point.

As the great sales copywriter, John Carlton says, "Remember, people are *not* buying the product. They are buying the benefit of having the product. If you’ve done your job well, they feel they have completed everything they need to do to get that benefit merely by picking up the phone and ordering (or endorsing the paperwork)."

Of course, regardless of your line of work, you still must develop the relationship first. That’s what it takes to get in front of them in the first place. Assuming, then, that you have done that successfully, the prospect still buys only because of the above-stated reasons.

Remember, they don’t buy the "is"....they buy the "does."

And, that holds true in any economy.


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