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Tuesday, May 3,2011

Healthy Mother’s Day!

By Dana Gore
Although I personally don’t have any children, it isn’t lost on me just how demanding a mother’s job can be. I reflect on my own mom’s constant efforts to make sure my siblings and I were fed, educated, comforted, well-advised, clothed, disciplined and so much more.

I believe the best gift we can give to our mothers is good health. Besides the obvious lifestyle habits of good nutrition and exercise, here are a couple of things I believe contribute to the longevity and inner-peace of our cherished matriarchs!

Gratitude and forgiveness are two very powerful “exercises” for our own spirits and heart happy gifts we can offer our mothers. Considering how much they have sacrificed to make sure we’ve been well taken care of, demonstrating how grateful we are is a simple act that can offer positive reinforcement and productivity. Forgiveness has been shown to offer huge health benefits. By letting go of any negativity from the past, we free ourselves and our loved ones from depression and enhance our overall health. Both gratitude and forgiveness can reduce stress and offer mental and physical well-being.

We love our moms and want them to be here with us in good health for as long as possible. On Mother’s Day, why not take her for a walk, blend up some smoothies and let her know just how much you appreciate everything she’s ever done? It will mean the world to her!

Healthy Thoughts Healthy Bodies = HEALTHY MOTHER’S DAY!


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