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Thursday, September 1,2011

Envision Your Fit and Healthy Self!

By Dana Gore  


With autumn just around the corner, seasonal change brings about fresh new possibilities! With holidays such as Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving in the near future, have you decided yet how to make the best choices for your health and well-being during some of these food-filled festivities?

Although it may be a bit early to discuss any resolutions for the new year, it’s never too early to think about how you want to look and feel, encouraging you to make smart and realistic choices that lead you in the very direction your heart desires. By giving this some time and attention now, you may place yourself in a position to enjoy the upcoming shindigs feeling free and in charge of your destiny! Here are some ideas of how to include well-being into your life with ease and pleasure.

1 - Jot down whatever fresh, healthy and nutritious foods you enjoy the most and plan on incorporating them into your daily meals. Rather than focusing on restriction, which can feel negative, imagine all the different ways to prepare your favorite vegetables packed with seasonings and add them to your dishes and snacks. Look for some alternative ways to prepare those “sinful” dishes you crave using ingredients that won’t disappoint your pallet nor your pants size! This will inspire creativity that will propel you toward what you want, which is to look and more importantly, feel your best.

2 – Figure out whichever type of movement makes you tick and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Dancing, walking, sports, even hop scotch will all burn calories and use muscle groups. If this is what you like to do, then by all means, fit it in whenever and wherever you can! It will only connect you to the process of being fit and enjoying movement.

Investigate ways to enjoy healthy living now so that the holidays pose no threat to your waistline. We attract what we feel and think about, so envision a strong, healthy, fit and agile version of yourself and you’ll be amazed at how you begin to morph into that image!


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