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Tuesday, January 3,2012

Why Do YOU Want To Get Fit?

By Dana Gore  



I’m certain you have noticed how common it is to begin each New Year with a solid set of weight-loss goals in mind. Join the gym, start a diet and spend the upcoming weeks in an environment that feels emotionally foreign to you. Let’s face it, if there is a lot of weight to lose, it means you haven’t been connected to the thoughts, benefits and feelings that accompany good health and well-being. What I am suggesting is to stop for a moment and think about your “why”. Why is it important for YOU to get fit and healthy? Everyone has their own hot buttons, so the idea here is to find out what it is that makes up your personal burning desire to get in shape. I can appreciate goal-setting. Goals represent a destination and without them it can be pretty easy to get lost. The only issue I have with goal-setting, however, is the ATTACHMENT to the goal itself rather than the JOURNEY.

Let’s compare this to a road trip. When planning your travel, you need to know where you are starting from, where you are going and the best way to get there. You also need to know if you prefer the scenic route, whether or not you want to drive straight through or stop for a night, etc. It allows you to find the best plan for your own personal taste and stick with it until you have arrived at your destination.


Knowing what makes you tick with health and fitness encourages you to “map” out a realistic agenda that fits YOU. What inspires you to stay connected will enable you to FEEL at peace with the work ahead of you. Of course it takes work (as anything that invokes change and growth does), but when it is in alignment with your personal needs and desires, you connect with the process. Every day, while tuned in to what makes you tick, you will understand where you are going, your reasons for wanting to get there and your best course of action. Using this method will enable you to keep health and fitness incorporated in your daily activities. Staying connected inevitably almost GUARANTEES success, so before embarking on a plan that isn’t “you”, try my advice.



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