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Thursday, May 3,2012

Chris Ruden

By Ilana Jacqueline  

If I can do it with one hand, you can do it with two, encourages 21-year-old personal trainer, Chris Ruden.

Written by Ilana Jacqueline

Helping those with and without disabilities reach the peak of physical fitness is just part of his daily routine. This also includes advanced science classes to finish his college degree. His choice of trade might seem unusual to some, considering he was born with only seven fingers and a short left arm.

As a child, doctors warned his parents he would never have full functionality in his affected limb.

“But I’m really not the kind of person who takes limitations very seriously,” he says. That much is evident in the burly physique of this young entrepreneur who early this year launched his own personal training business he aptly titled “Adapt Wellness.”

“If I’ve learned anything from my disability it’s that you can adapt to do just about anything,” says Chris. “Wellness comes from restructuring your perception of disease from being a roadblock to a creative opportunity. It’s about welcoming the idea it’s okay to want better for your body, and accepts the challenge by your situation to give you a fair chance at it.”

Other challenges have included learning to breakdance with modified moves and becoming a star drummer for his high school with a modified glove to hold his drumstick.

“Learning to do these things differently, but well, made me realize there was a way to be active and have a good time, despite whatever challenges I faced.”

It was because of his interest in breakdancing that he became interested in building more core strength.

He took to his local gym and like many others, was perplexed by how to start.

“My first day at the gym was like a 12-year-old entering an executive stock market meeting. I had no clue what I was doing.” Chris recalls. “All the machines were made for people with symmetrical limbs. I had to learn to adapt and use different fixtures to help me out.”

Working out quickly became a passion for Chris, who began studying for his personal training license. It was during this time he met his newest challenge: Late onset type I diabetes.

The importance nutrition began to play in his survival finally pushed Chris into learning more about food, its affects and as a result; taking the NASM exam to get his certification.

“Nutrition suddenly became key to my survival. I wanted to learn more. So I changed my major to exercise science and have been fascinated by exercise and nutrition ever since.”

Today, Chris works with clients who seek out his unique methods in personal training for a variety of needs. From basic training, couple training, accelerated results, back pain relief, petite physique training, athletic conditioning, MMA training, and more.


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