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Monday, August 6,2012

To My Readers:

By Roger Zona  

This is the 3rd Phase of our retirement home re-do. Work is progressing on schedule and will be completed in another 6 to 8 weeks.

Existing Condition: This phase is the replacement, resurfacing or cleaning of the existing flooring.

The Project: The existing wall to wall carpeting is being removed completely. Take care when removing the tack strip which can be difficult to remove. If the carpet is over a concrete floor, the anchoring tacks are “cut nails.” The living room of our home has tongue and groove random length oak flooring. Often it’s a good idea to remove the “shoe molding” and baseboard which allows the sander to get close to the wall. I prefer having an experienced floor finisher do the refinishing. They know which type of sandpaper to use, how much pressure is needed to remove the old finish and when to stop machine sanding. The holes left by the carpet strip should be filled with wood putty and finished along with the oak. We selected a product called “Minwax.” We chose the Pickled Oak color in a wood sheen finish. This lightens up the rooms. We are looking to simplify our life by avoiding high maintenance surfaces. The foyer entry hall area has ceramic tile with transition pieces to the other areas. This flooring will remain and will only require re-grouting. The tile is beige with a matte finish. Re-grouting is not too difficult but the job is best contracted to a professional. Let’s go now to the hallway and bedrooms. The hallway will be finished in the same manner as the living room as will two of the bedrooms. The master bedroom will be re-carpeted along with the adjacent reading room/office/TV room.

The carpet selection and colors will be my wife’s choices.

Estimated Cost: I budgeted $6,000 for all the flooring work. Of course, this does not include sweat labor for demolition, cleanup, and painting.

Expected Results: The new flooring will give a real boost to the appearance of the home.

Next Project: We will undertake a major project – replacement of the windows. I say “major” because it will give the exterior a new look and help “green” the home.



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