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Tuesday, September 4,2012

Truth Inspires Others

By Wayne Dyer  
We need to live and breathe truth because nothing inspires other people more than being in its energy field. Years ago I wrote an article called “Who Do You Trust?” in which I explained that the trust issue rests on whom we seek out when we want truth. Are we drawn to those who’ll tell us what we want to hear or those who are unafraid to be honest with us, even if it might be unpleasant or difficult for us to hear? The answer is obvious: We prefer to hear the truth.


Honesty is a necessity if we’re ever to live in harmony with Spirit and become a source of inspiration for others as well. When we shade the truth, a part of our brain registers this incongruity. Our body reacts by becoming weaker in the face of any f a l s e h o o d , including our attachment to the false self known as ego. As we practice living and speaking from our truth without being hurtful or arrogant in any way, we reconnect with the energy we emanated from in the first place.

In kinesiology there’s a procedure called muscle testing, where the body is used as a veritable lie detector. In other words, if a person isn’t telling the truth, their muscles are weaker than when they’re answering honestly. They can’t hold their arm up or their fingers together against applied pressure when they’re thinking a falsehood; yet when they shift to a truthful thought, with the same pressure applied, they’re able to withstand the same force. Try it, and you’ll be amazed. It turns out that experimenters have discovered that the body is stronger when it’s directed by honesty. So let’s remember truth as a means for inspiring each other. We must be unafraid to live and speak out truth — think how inspiring we’d all be for each other if honesty was a prominent feature of our interactions.

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