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Wednesday, January 2,2013

A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety

By Dana Gore  

This month I am going to introduce you to some lifesaving information, the kind you will benefit from year after year. Dana Gore, author and certified personal trainer, has written a muchneeded e-book titled, A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You. Gore’s easy-to-read e-book, complete with illustrations, is full of important, lifesaving tips.

A few examples of what is covered in Dana’s book are: • Why you shouldn’t exercise with anything in your mouth.

• How, in addition to your own, your family medical history plays a role in risk factors in regard to your exercise program.

• The importance of safe and proper progression if you are new to exercise or have taken a hiatus from your fitness routine.

• What makes a fitness professional “qualified”?

Dana has written “Exercise Safety” with passion that comes through because she truly cares about saving people from injury, misinformation in the wellness industry, and death.

Gore’s fact-filled e-book is full of life-changing truths for every segment of the population. Chapters for beginners, diabetics, pregnant women and advanced exercisers form her brilliant compilation. In addition, longstanding quotes to live by and easy-to-retain tips fill the pages. Gore explains intelligently the whys of the information and is effective at persuading you that these truths are paramount to building a safe wellness lifestyle. You will truly enjoy reading this and will finish it with gratitude that your eyes were opened to such useful information. It’s a book you will refer to again and again.

Gore credits much of her adept ability and passion to pass on this information to her mentor, Dr. Anthony Abbott, MS, MSW, EdD. Abbott is the president, director and chief instructor of Fitness Institute International in Lighthouse Point, FL, where she studied. Dana says of Dr. Abbott: “He is a walking encyclopedia.”

Gore’s decision to go into fitness came from a “bad day at the salon,” where she was a stylist years ago. Overweight and frustrated, she decided it was time for a change. While already employed part time at a small fitness center, she was inspired to pursue formal training in exercise science.

Dana found Dr. Abbott and his expert staff at Fitness Institute International. As her knowledge grew, the weight came off and she found herself empowered. Along her journey, Dana found her primary passion of writing.

Putting her passion for fitness and writing together, Gore’s much-needed e-book will very easily become a common reference tool in the industry. Dana’s book is technically helpful, but more than that, it’s from the heart of an author who took responsibility for her life, followed her intuition, faced her problems and is now affecting society for the better. She encourages with a believeinyourself attitude that is inherent throughout “Exercise Safety.”

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