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Wednesday, January 2,2013

Focus on Well-Being, Rather than Weight Loss

By Dana Gore  
Have you noticed how exhausting it is to focus on weight (excuse me…I was yawning) loss?

You fantasize about all of the foods you’ll get to drool over and not enjoy while deciding which excuse you’ll use today to skip your exercise session: “OMG, I can’t go to the gym. These sneakers make my feet look waaaay too fat!”

I’ve been there and I’ve felt your pain. It isn’t pleasant having to be reminded that you don’t have what you desire, nor are you anywhere near close to getting it. This is why a shift in perception is, truly, your best friend.

When we focus our is that’s missing in our lives, we live in a world that reflects back to us images (reality) that are in harmony with those very thoughts and feelings. Live in the pain of “that which is” and receive circumstances which reaffirm continuing opportunity to live in that which is.

On the other hand, when we are focused on “that which we love and appreciate,” we often wind up being drawn toward appealing images (again, reality) that reflect upon what make us appreciative.

So, how does that relate to weight loss?

When focused on the daunting task of having to struggle to get what we don’t have, we are in a state of mind that lets us know that the body we want is over there, while we’re over here, miserable and out of shape. Exercise is a chore, salads are a bore and life kinda sucks.

However, when well being becomes the primary focus of our lives, we tend to feel drawn toward things that make us feel healthy and alive. Fresh produce suddenly sparkles with colors and nutrients, and physical activities that promote strength and agility within our movements become a pleasure to embark upon.

That’s the key to changing “I have to” to “I get to.”

So, how about this for a suggestion…?

This year, why not zero in on what you actually want, which is to feel inspired and happy, and ADD activities to your life that encourage healthy living in ways that enable creativity and joy?

If that doesn’t work, you can always go back to what felt lousy.

I doubt you’ll want to. ;) Dana Gore graduated in 2009 from Fitness Institute International, Inc. Her new book, "A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety" is designed to educate the public about safe and structured fitness programs and overall well-being.


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