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Wednesday, January 2,2013

To my Readers

By Roger Zona  
The Eighth Phase of our retirement home redo was to analyze the landscaping and make changes, if necessary. Instead, I need to examine the exterior surfaces and determine what if anything is needed.


• Existing Condition: I walked the perimeter and determined that there were some small areas that needed to be repaired or replaced, such as the eave soffit, the fascia, window sills and brick.

• The Project: I researched the different products available and found a metal soffit material that is perforated for attic ventilation, is painted aluminum and is easy to install. It is available in 16-inch-wide and 96-inch-long sheet, which can be cut easily to the proper length. The sides have an interlocking edge and very few nails are used. I’ll hire a carpenter to do the installation and I will do the cutting – safe and sound on the ground. Ladders can be hazardous. Many colors are available and we selected a medium tan that blends well with the brick. The fascia will be replaced completely. As a security measure, I also opted for new corner flood lights. Now is the time to install wiring. This allows the hot air in the attic to escape. There were a few areas that needed to have the bricks pointed and new mortar installed. I had the roof over the carport removed completely but have delayed my next project (enclose the existing carport space with a greenhouse) until next spring.

• Estimated Cost: For the new soffit and fascia plus the brick repairs, I budgeted $4,000 for all the material and labor. I will prime the new fascia board before it is installed and do the finish painting of the fascia board along with any other trim that needs painting.

• Expected Results: The new fascia will complement the new roof color and give the house a fresh appearance.

• Next Project: The home has an in-law apartment in the basement with walk-out sliding glass doors to the outdoors. This is not a necessary renovation, but when the area is improved, it will be an asset and add to the value of the home.


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