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Wednesday, January 2,2013

TheFisherman´s Grille

Chic, Dazzling and Delicious...

By Arnold Leir  


Fisherman and nonfisherman will be equally excited with the offerings at Brandon Berkenfeld’s Fisherman’s Grille in Delray. Not only is the seafood supremely fresh and exquisitely prepared, but also the range of starters, salads and entrees will definitely generate endless delight. This is a venue that is exciting and buzzing with enthusiasm by a clientele that seeks the best in haute cuisine.


frequent reaction, starting with the arrival of crisp, fresh petite rolls that keep popping up throughout the evening. Classically inspired portions of Yellow Spilt Pea and Chicken Rice Soup receive instant approval. Incidentally, one of the main features of the lunch menu is the Soup and Salad Bar priced at a mere $6.95.

The mood continues by drawing upon a wine cellar of The stylish bar is definitely one of the hottest meeting places, especially during Happy Hour (4 to 7 pm, daily). Conversation flows freely with a variety of drink specials and a counter menu with a selection of half price appetizers. Aided by impeccable service, the Grille is unabashed fun and overflowing with trendy patrons.

The dynamic, modernistic dining room is a joyously bright space crafted with splashes of white and various shades of beige. There are comfortable booths, banquettes and tables with plenty of elbowroom to maximize both comfort and privacy.

Enthusiasm is the most distinguished varieties from around the globe. You can order a favorite either by the bottle or frequently by the glass. Our Foxhorn duo of crisp Pinot Grigio (glass) and scented Cabernet (glass) cost only $6 for the pair

The kitchen’s versatility is reflected in the variety of dishes with sauces designed to enhance the main ingredients. From the starters section, Eggplant Rollatini ($8) features a tantalizing wrap of eggplant embracing herb goat cheese, ricotta plus mozzarella and luxuriates in a superb pomodoro sauce embellished with fresh basil.

Main courses include numerous stellar renditions of seafood, meat, poultry and pasta. As the restaurant’s name implies, the bounty of the sea is the star with such extraordinary specials such as the two-pound lobster.

A faultless presentation of Trout Almondine ($21) delivers a delicate filet topped with slivers of crunchy almonds and a sensuous a lemony beurre blanc sauce. Flounder Francese.($21) is another solid choice that captures the delicate essence of the lightly battered filet coated with slightly tart citrus overlay.

Our indulgence was completed with generous servings of Cappuccino partnered with fresh baked Red Velvet and Blueberry Crumb Cake. With such a superabundance of wining signatures, The Fisherman’s Grille can easily cater your next event. Takeout is also available. Get more information at www.


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