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Tuesday, February 5,2013

Time to Change my Brake Fluid

By Teresa Aquila  

I recently was questioned by a customer as to how often he should change his brake fluid? With the newer vehicles today, many manufactures have different intervals as to when you should have your brake fluid serviced. I always recommend that when anyone purchases a vehicles, whether new or used, they should read up on the Recommended Maintenance. I try to educate all of my car owner customers when and why you do the Preventative Care to their vehicles.


The mileage or age of the vehicle will determine the Maintenance Schedule you should have for your car. The brake fluid is not alone when it comes to replacing you should also add to your list, the engine coolant, rear end gear oil for the rear wheel vehicles and front-end gear oil for four wheel drives to include the Manual Transmission and Transfer Case.

So lets talk about how often this maintenance should be performed. If you are like some of the customers that come into my shop, they use a shop specific to Lube and Oil Changing. Not only do they keep great records of the work performed, but they also have the Maintenance Schedule for every year, make and model. If you wish to do it yourself, check your Owners Maintenance Book that would have come with the vehicle, when new. Unfortunately many of the used vehicles seem to have had these books removed. If You find yourself in this category, need not worry; you can go to, type in your specific vehicle, and they will offer this information which you are able to print out and keep for future reference.

You will find that keeping your vehicle´s maintenance on track will extend the life expectancy of your vehicle. Changing your oil when needed, rotating your tires, keeping your fuel system clean, servicing your transmission, transfer case or rear end, lube, if applicable, detailing the exterior and moisturizing the interior will allow your vehicle to offer you many years of enjoyment and transportation, not to mention fewer repair costs. Preventative Maintenance adds years and miles to your vehicle´s life.



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