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Thursday, April 4,2019

Combating Burnout and Emotional Fatigue

By Karen Ellis-Ritter  
The empaths, the activists, the survivors, and the supporters… we all endure a deep, visceral, emotional suffering (both immediate and relived). We face exhaustion, because we care so deeply about the well-being of others and the state of our world, and we encounter so many who could care less. Whether we have been personally victimized, or we bear witness to the suffering of others, we have an imprint of those experiences on our psyches; and it colors everything we see, touch and experience from now on. So how can we move forward each day in a positive and impactful way? How can we inspire others to awaken and shift, when we are so overwhelmed by that sorrow?

I have learned how to strike a balance – not by default, but out of necessity. We cannot stay strong and effectively take a stand for those who need us if we are continually consumed by grief. We cannot forge loving and positive connections with other people if we believe that people are heartless, cold and selfish. What we focus on and draw our attention to is what we manifest into our lives. We can be a stand for justice by becoming an exemplary ambassador of the human race.

We can be a stand by becoming our stand.

As individuals who have finite time and resources to allocate every day, we must be as effective as we can with our time and influence. Our job here is not to shake people awake, or force them out of an apathetic state. We don’t need to drag the stubborn or spar with the belligerent. There is an awakening of consciousness on a mass scale, and it is currently in process! There is enough “low hanging fruit” to fill up our daily baskets. If we focus on those who are ready to evolve – those who already care – that is where we can achieve the greatest impact.

We may not ever see the manifestation of our outreach, but we can be pollinators. We can offer support and allow the process to unfold. If we allow ourselves to see the inherent beauty in each person we encounter, we can create a space for that unfoldment.

To those who have endured traumas and suffer from PTSD or anxiety, please know that it is okay to sit it out, to take time to go inward, to self care and self soothe. You do not owe anyone an explanation or an apology for stepping back when you need to. Explore powerful grounding tools like EFT tapping, binaural beats, connected (circular) breathing, meditation, creative visualization, cognitive behavioral therapy, unconscious mind work, affirmations, journaling, yoga, aromatherapy and acupuncture. Eating an array of raw plant foods will also help to create a state of health and ease. You can also look into calming/grounding herbs and natural remedies (such as Ashwagandha Root, Valerian root, GABA, Passion Flower, St. John’s Wort, Kava Kava Root).

Please take care of yourselves. Love and honor yourselves. You are worthy of a happy and fulfilling life!


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