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Tuesday, February 4,2020

Share The Love

By Tina Valant-Siebelts  
You love dogs, but due to your schedule, finances or living situation, you cannot commit to having a dog. There may not be a shelter/ rescue nearby. You may have physical/age limitations to volunteering – most shelters/ rescues won’t accept volunteers under 18. Maybe the furry love of your life crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and you’re not sure you’ll ever “be ready” again. There are still many ways to help dogs in need.

The ease of social media enables us to share dogs in shelters, lost and founds, medical needs, and more. Interest is generated, along with donations of funds, supplies, well wishes and volunteers. However, many people unknowingly “clog the pipeline.” Here’s how you can best assist:

To Share or Not to Share?

Before you forward a dog’s story/ picture, verify current status, and make sure it is in your local area. Most rescues/shelters only adopt locally. Adopters usually complete an application, submit to vet, credit and reference checks along with a home visit, then a meet and greet. This is easily accomplished locally. If the dog is out of the area, plan to travel to meet the dog, at your sole expense. It may take more than one trip. Focus locally.

PLEASE, do not just share across social media. Can I help a dog in South Africa? Slim chance. The time, energy and resources needed to help are 10 to a 100 times more than helping one in my local area. Before you repost/share/tag, always list:

Status/need - city, state - name - breed - coloring - age - weight - m/f - fixed? - notes and contact info:

Needs a Home - 9 January 2020

Boca Raton, FL - Avery - Australian shepherd, red merle - one year old - 40# - spayed//UTD - blue eyes, with tail - good with dogs/kids, untested with cats.

Contact Tina VaLant 561-123-4567 Without that information, it’s a waste of time and energy (yours and mine).

Lost and Found

Did you/a friend/neighbor find a dog? Even though your/their intentions are good, the dog may NOT be rehomed. There are protocols to follow for liability and legal purposes.

The dog may be lost or stolen, or even part of a crime investigation. Take photos, close up, of face and full body, post to social media (Facebook, NextDoor) using the same above guidelines:

FOUND DOG - 9 January 2020 Boca Raton, FL - Lyons Rd. and SW 18 Street - no collar/tags chocolate lab mix - adult male dog - 50 # - neutered - scanned, no microchip Contact Tina VaLant 561-123-4567 Visit local vet/pet supply and have dog scanned for a microchip. Alert the local animal control/shelter/police of FOUND DOG. If you can harbor the dog, that leaves shelters the space to assist another. Post signs in the area where the dog was found. If the dog is a purebred, Google the breed and your state to alert them. In Aussie rescue, we have reacquired lost/escaped/stolen/rehomed without permission dogs this way. The rescue provided photos, bios, and vet records to confirm identity.

Have That Talk

Online daily, pets are shelterbound because the owner is not getting out of the hospital, is going to assisted living, or can no longer care for their beloved furry family member. Tomorrow’s not promised to any of us. Flip the script. Ask family/friends if they have made these imperative plans.

Would YOU be willing to accept/ care for their pet in case they are no longer able to? Minimally, are you willing to become the guardian and help find that pet an appropriate, loving home? Make sure they have a file of vet info, likes and dislikes, schedule, finances allotted for the pet’s care, etc. A pet should never face the devastation of losing their person, home, meager belongings AND end up in a shelter - or worse.

By sharing the love of dogs, properly ~ YOU can be their lifeline!


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