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Mr. Block has been involved with news media, especially senior news, for many years. After graduating with a BA Degree-Journalism major from New York University in 1948, he was a reporter, columnist, editor and publisher for magazines and newspaper. For the past 25 years he was managing editor for a condo newsletter and published two Internet sites: and currently, a blog concerning U.S. news affecting senior lifestyles which is published every Monday in a headline-news/source format. He has authored two books: "The Sleeping Girl on the Couch" (a mystery-suspense story in the field of fine art), and "The Short, Short-Story Omnibus-1 (an E-book with 35 short stories with a "twist" ending, and one novella). "THE SLEEPING GIRL ON THE COUCH" by Bernard Block Includes info on * The Story of Cards * How Blackjack Started * How Artists Think. What It Takes To Be An Artist * How the Fine Art Business Works * Art in Advertising * One Way Not to Achieve Wealth & Notoriety With Art * The Modeling Business Unveiled * Cults & Terrorism & Money-Raising * Art "Know-It-Alls" Exposed * Interpol Learns Who Stole the World's Great Art Paintings EXTRA SPECIAL: How to Predict the Critical Days in Your Life Cycle..Is It a Good Predictor when playing Blackjack? a story that makes you want to turn to the next page to find out what's happening to the heroine. Available as a signed copy for Happy Herald readers for $9.95 (retail value $15.95) For payment instructions, contact Mr. Block is a contributor to the Happy Herald

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