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Monday, May 4,2020

Finding Personal Stasis During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Karen Ellis-Ritter  
It’s simply reality: We are not always going to be in our healthiest state of mind, particularly in these unprecedented times. It is important to be able to realize and accept this, and allow space to heal. We all have cumulative stressors in our lives, which is why finding personal means of release is critical.

There are so many powerful, FREE tools, that can be done anywhere, such as EFT tapping, listening to healing frequencies, binaural beats, or other forms of soothing music, meditative breathing or chanting, creative visualization, guided meditation, affirmations, journaling, gratitude lists, and yoga. But sometimes, despite all efforts, we still struggle to bounce back.

As I am writing this now, we are in lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic. I have maintained a relatively healthy mindset, so long as I focus on the blessings in my life (which are countless) and take things day-by-day, if not moment-by-moment. If I allow my mind to stray to the collective chaos unfolding outside these walls, I can easily get overwhelmed, frustrated, scared or sad. The collective struggle has become palpable. This time, it is affecting everyone, regardless of race, nationality, religion, identity or species. This touches every earthling. This time, it’s on all of us to come together, lest we fall. And it seems like that is a daunting task, amidst the fear and scarcity that is spreading across the global populace, faster than the virus itself.

So how can we move forward each day in a positive and impactful way, when so much feels outside of our control? How can we be a positive force and be in service to others, when we are so overwhelmed by that sorrow? By realizing this is not only a time of great suffering, it is also an amazing opportunity to go inward and to selfcare and self-soothe. Please know that it is not only okay to sometimes “sit it out,” it is actually imperative. You do not owe anyone an explanation or an apology for stepping back when you need to.

When we do this for our selves, we can bounce back stronger than ever.

If you find yourself compulsively checking the news or social media, and this is negatively impacting your emotional wellbeing, you must unplug. Unsubscribe from news alerts, uninstall Twitter, Facebook or any social media app on your phone that causes you strife or disharmony.

Make every effort to avoid engaging in depressing conversations, where the focus is on things outside of your control. Either shift those conversations to something positive or hang up. If you are feeling lonely, set up video get-togethers with people who you love and who make you feel great.

There are so many divine opportunities, if you give them your focus, you will realize them. Be safe and well.


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