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Thursday, April 3,2014

I miss him but he was wrong.

By Dr. Bob Nozik, MD  

Dear Dr. Happy, 

I’m a boy, 10-years-old. Joey and I have been best friends since even before we started school. Last month, at lunch in the school cafeteria, I got up to get something and Joey stole my chair and he wouldn’t give it back. I got mad and told him I wouldn’t speak to him unless he apologized. But he won’t and it’s been almost a month. I miss him but he was wrong. Dr. H, what should I do now?

I’m Missing Him

Dear Missing Him, I have a question for you: would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?

Yes, Joey shouldn’t have swiped your chair, but insisting that he apologize is costing you your best friend. And, what’s more, his sin was just a small one. So, what I’m suggesting is that you be courageous enough to say something like this to Joey: “Joey, I was angry when you grabbed my chair, but it isn’t that important. Our friendship is too important to let a silly fight over a chair get between us. Let’s make up and forget about it, okay?” I suspect Joey will be happy to let the bad feelings go. And, from now on, remember that being right is never worth the cost of a good friend.


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