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Healthy Food Factory Commissary Commercial Kitchen in Boca Raton, OUR KITCHENS ARE AVAILABLE 24/7/365 - Call (561) 394-7466 - Healthy Food Factory Commissary Commercial Kitchen in Boca Raton, OUR KITCHENS ARE AVAILABLE 24/7/365 - Call (561) 394-7466
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Sports Feature

Mid-Season Baseball Report: Favorites And The Long Ball

By Mark Tudino

In 1969 baseball made the decision to expand into two divisions, and later that morphed into three divisions with two wild card teams added to the post-season, so the idea of being in first place at this time of the year is no longer a rock solid predictor of success. We’ll get to the races (such as they are) in a second, but the big story in baseball this year is the return of the home run. Or should I say the explosion of the home run.


Cool, Calm and Focused

Great Tips and Insights on Road Rage

By Liz Sterling

Here’s what happened. Last month, I had the pleasure of attending my nephew’s engagement party in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I went online to select a rental car and a hybrid option popped up, so I decided to give it a try. At home, I drive a very sporty, turbo-charged car.

Family Feature

Mindful Tips from Mandy Moore for a Well-Balanced, Lively Summer

By Family Feature

With plans of trips and relaxation on the horizon, it can be easy to give your wellness routine a vacation too. Before you jet set off on your next adventure, take a moment to be consciously aware of how your mind and body may react to an overly active and jam-packed summer schedule.

Healthy Living

Healthy, Plant- Based Pups!

By Karen Ellis-Ritter

Can dogs eat a plant-based diet? People are often concerned about whether it’s safe for dogs to eat an exclusively plant-based diet. Dogs are omnivores, so as long as they are getting their proper nutrients, the source does not need to come from animals. If planned thoughtfully, it is not only possible, but they can absolutely thrive!

Feature Articles

Vegan 60 is the New 40!

By Susan Hargreaves

When you have been vegan since the mid-1980s and you’re approaching 60, quickly, it’s a very good time to think of a vegan 60 as the new 40 – can I get any agreement here?

Dog World with Tina

Worth the Risk?

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Animals are living, breathing, sentient beings. It’s more likely that you share your home with a dog (or two or more) than with any other species. Perhaps your dog grew up with you, transitioning through childhood, college, adulthood, moves, jobs and relationships.

Earth Talk Q & A

Dear Earth Talk:

What is so-called Forest Therapy? – Larry Schwarzwald, Page, AZ

By Earth Talk

Forest therapy uses immersion in nature to help soothe frayed nerves and restore a sense of mental well-being – and has even been shown to boost our immune systems, and help us recover faster from physical maladies.

Recipe of the Month

Festive Mardi Gras Smoothies

By Peta

Ingredients 3 cups banana chunks, frozen 1 large can pineapple chunks in juice 1/2 cup kale or spinach 1/2 cup raspberries 1 cup blueberries Instru

Happy Motoring

Do I really need auto repair insurance?

By Teresa Aquila

Owning a car offers us freedom and the ability to be very mobile. Along with owning that vehicle comes a responsibility for repairs and maintenance. In order to get those wheels turning on the road, one must purchase automotive insurance. What about auto repair insurance?.

Restaurant Reviews

Boca Bagel Bar Gourmet Deli

Offers Superbly Crafted Enticing Masterpieces

By Arnold Leir

Boca Bagel Bar raises the bar when it comes to delectable creations. Superlative bagels are freshly baked every morning and are a joy whether you prefer them with one of the dozen tempting schmears or as the foundation for a fabulous breakfast or lunch sandwich.

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