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Motivation!! How to Attain it, Sustain it, Utilize it

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

In “The Seven Story Mountain,” Thomas Merton outlines his personal journey addressing these very questions. Motivation: How do you attain it? Sustain it? How do you find what makes you tick?

Family Feature

Making Summer Fun Safe

By Family Feature

Because about 74 percent of adult and 87.5 percent of child out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes, you will likely be trying to save the life of someone you love – a child, spouse, parent, or friend – if called upon to perform CPR.

Sports Feature

Summertime Brings Memories of Baseball and Its Parks

By Mark Tudino

It’s always fun – especially in the dead of Summer – to recall cooler, pleasant afternoons and evenings spent listening to your favorite radio or television broadcaster paint a vivid picture of a day at the ballpark. These ambassadors of the game were not just passing through, no modern-day migrants were they; no, they would regale the listener/viewer with the day’s sights and sounds, even if you had a local telecast.

Family Feature 1

Keep Pets Safe All Summer Long

Four tips to overcome warm weather hazards

By Family Feature

Increased humidity combined with warmer temperatures intensifies the risk of heat stroke, especially during the first few warm days as pets transition to outdoor activity.

Animal Heroes

Veganza Heroes Span the Sea

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of

Dear Happy Herald reader, I have been writing this column for many years now, and as I write this, I realize how excited I am about the prospect of helping all species of animals in a larger way.

The Art of Letting Go


By Jon Ellis

While it is understandable that many of us feel unmotivated and put off tackling mundane tasks, such as cleaning out the garage or organizing our messy, cluttered drawers, for others, procrastination is a more serious debilitating life impediment. When even the thought of starting a task makes us feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and unable to move, it is safe to say that we suffer from serious procrastination.

From the Editor

Simplifying Our Mental View

By Brigitte Lang

I’ve found nearly all of us make things harder and more complicated, by adding a mental layer of difficulty. We make simple things complicated:

Clutter to Clarity

America the Beautiful

By David Hall

For the month of July, we salute the brave men and women who protect and defend our freedoms. Thanks are not enough for your service, your commitment and putting your lives on the line.

Dog World with Tina


By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Attended an outdoor dog event recently, it was like being wonderfully transported back in time. Saw dogs of every breed, size, and shape, along with lots of like-minded people crazy about their (and everyone else’s) dogs.

On the Bright Side

Confessions of a Middle–Aged White Woman

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

I had an unfortunate look in the proverbial mirror the other day. It made me uncomfortable, like pit-in-thestomach uncomfortable. It caused me to examine many assumptions I had about how I exist in this world and how I impact others. About how I am perceived and, perhaps more importantly, how I perceive others.

Feature Articles

Sunny Summertime Safety

Tips for enjoying the great outdoors

By Family Feature

Any time you’ll be outdoors for more than 15 minutes, you should wear protective sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, even if it’s partly cloudy or overcast.

Recipe of the Month

Mason Jar Salad with Creamy Pesto Dressing

By Forks over Knives

Mason jar salads are a great make-ahead meal to enjoy at home or on the go. A creamy pesto dressing anchors layers of rainbow veggies and hearty grains for a portable meal that will satisfy your cravings for fresh produce. Feel free to switch it up with whatever greens, grains and toppings you have on hand! Just add a lid, and it will keep well in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Happy Motoring

Will My Vehicle’s Stop–Start System Fail?

By Teresa Aquila

Believe it or not, your vehicle’s stop-start system senses the outside temperature. Just like you in the morning, getting out of bed and getting going isn’t always easy.

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