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One Man’s Journey to Learning & Improving Through Observation

By Jon Ellis

All life is a precious gift to be cherished, even in challenging, difficult times. In each moment there are choices to be made, and through these choices, invaluable lessons to be learned.

From The Heart

Intelligent Programming

While in Japan I met an American woman who had been living in that country for 20 years. I asked her how long it had taken her to learn the Japanese language. “A couple of years,” she answered. “But I still don’t understand everything. Just the things that interest me.

Sports Feature

Baseball Sets The Table For An October–Feast

By Mark Tudino

Fun fact: Did you know the traditional Oktoberfest celebrations, hosted by many of our fellow citizens of German-American ancestry, are not held in October? Nope. Traditionally the event, most closely associated with its roots in Bavaria, is held mostly during September, and done to honor the fruits of the harvest. How it became associated with the following month is grist for another column, but in this country, October also means another seasonal celebration: playoff baseball.

Family Feature

Five Simple, Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

By Family Feature

Your body’s immune system protects against illness and infection, fighting off threats before you even know there’s a problem. Even though your immune system usually does its job automatically, you can give it a boost with habits that promote wellness and support immunity.

Animal Heroes

AnimalHerotober Participate!

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of

This October it’s easier than ever to participate in #animalherotober activities. The global event is open to all ages; your actions and choices can help all species of animals. Here are ways you can be an Animal Hero during AnimalHerotober and beyond!.

Family Feature 1

Caring for Your Cat for a Lifetime

By Family Feature

Just like humans need to see the doctor, cats need to see the veterinarian at least yearly, though some need to be seen more frequently. Even so, more than 50% of cats don’t receive veterinary care on a regular basis, according to the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Dog World with Tina

A Brothers’ Tale

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Once upon a time a cute pup found himself alone and dirty, in a backyard. An old smelly crate was available to take cover during the rain. Wondering how this happened, and what he could possibly have done wrong? Roger started out as a beloved family member, an inside-the-house dog in Miami-Dade County’s agricultural area.

The Art of Letting Go

Self Judgement

By Jon Ellis

In this world, no one is perfect, particularly in the human form. When we look in the mirror, or even just think about ourselves, do negative feelings come to mind? Do we judge our self-worth by comparing how much we lack when compared to others? Whether we admit it outwardly or not, we all have physical, emotional and mental flaws and insecurities.

On the Bright Side

Wonder Woman Has Left the Building

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

I am not a cook. Moreover, I am not a chef! Yet, I have imposed on myself a Martha Stewart-esque homemaker role, and tried for years (quite unsuccessfully) to implement meals on a daily basis that the Cooking Channel makes look so easy and attainable. Well, Hallelujah middle age and the wisdom that comes along with it.

Clutter to Clarity

Here come the HolidaZe

By David Hall

As you read this month’s column, it’s beginning to look a lot like the HolidaZe are coming up fast. No sooner does HALL-O-WEEN command our attention for home décor, pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon sticks and oh so much candy, then THANKSGIVING preparations, and just around the corner are the most exciting fourth-quarter celebrations CHANUKAH, KWANZAA and of course CHRISTMAS.

Happy Motoring

Game Changer for Electric Vehicles

By Teresa Aquila

Today’s lithium-ion batteries have proven to be very dependable and successful when it comes to electric vehicles. With technology on the fast track, so are more efficient batteries. The new lithium metal battery developed in Germany has proven to have a density of 500-WH/kg benchmark.

Recipe of the Month

Grilled Mushroom Burgers with Tarragon Crème

By Forks over Knives

Summer herbs are a treasure trove of flavor, and the bright floral notes of tarragon shine through in this crowd-pleasing burger recipe. Smoky grilled Portobellos are layered with fresh spinach, tomato, and a creamy cashewbased tarragon sauce for a meal that will please kids and adults alike.

Earth Talk Q & A


I am sickened by all the death, destruction and misery resulting from the West Coast wildfires, but aren’t these blazes actually beneficial to the environment?

By Earth Talk

Some landscapes evolved with periodic wildfires as an influential force, and people have been using “prescribed burns” (the controlled application of fire under specified weather conditions) to restore health to certain types of ecosystems for millennia.

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