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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

By Liz Sterling

I can’t really write about or profess to know anything about unconditional love. I struggle, grapple, and literally ache to live an unconditionally loving life. The truth is, I am merely a beginner, and so this month, when given the topic of unconditional love, I went to others to help guide me.

Feature Articles

Vegan Valentine Gift

By Susan Hargreaves

Here’s my vegan Valentine gift for you, the Be an Animal Hero Vegan Guide! It’s so easy today to be an animal hero by going vegan. Lovey, the 18-year-old rescued canine who narrates the newly released “Veganza Animal Hero” story I wrote said it best:.

On the Bright Side

A Christmas Miracle

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

Three weeks later, that doctor had my brother walking out of the hospital on his own with promises of not needing a wheelchair for a very long time. This occurred in the beginning of December. A Christmas Miracle, indeed.

Family Feature

How to Welcome a New Puppy to the Family

By Family Feature

In fact, it takes the average pet owner almost four months to get into the flow with a new four-legged family member, according to a survey by Royal Canin. Eight in 10 respondents said the first year of pet ownership is the most important, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Dog World with Tina

A Pickle and an Olive

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Due to COVID/quarantine, she was spending more time home, alone. The local shelter wouldn’t even allow her in to the kennels to see what was available. She had a feeling it was due to her “maturity level.” Dr. Jon asked if he could pass along my number, and if I knew of any (non-puppy) dogs in need of a great home.

Clutter to Clarity

February A Month of Love

By David Hall

This month, take on that project of clearing the clutter. Increase your self love, and through the laws of attraction, your elevated vibrations will circulate and send out that beacon of LOVE that you are, even stronger, with more laserlike focus, and as a result, experience a transformative time in your life and the lives of those you LOVE.

Healthy Living

The Foodie’s Guide to Plant- Based Culinary Treasures – and Where to Buy Them!

By Karen Ellis-Ritter

As a Vegan Transition Coach, I have a unique job: I am not a health coach, in the traditional sense. I am an immersive vegan educator first. My goal is to make the transition to the vegan lifestyle as seamless, pleasurable and effortless as possible.

Life 101

Playing Football with Seagulls

By Cary Bayer

As football is upon us, all eyes turn to the Super Bowl, and eating enormous amounts of food. But with COVID-19 upon us as well, we need to find safer ways to do football and food. Like I did some years back. Let me explain.

Sports Feature

Parity In Sports? Often Sought, Rarely Found

By Mark Tudino

Prior to attending law school, he was a political and sports reporter for television stations across the country. His career allowed him to cover everything from presidential elections to national championship sports teams, and he still maintains a passion to observe and discuss the world of sports.

Family Feature

Overcoming the Mask Tips for communicating through COVID-19

By Family Feature

“With COVID-19 and masks, everyday tasks are a source of frustration, such as asking a question at the grocery store deli or talking to someone from behind a customer service desk,” said Bill Schiffmiller, a lifelong hearing aid user and founder and CEO of Akoio, a hearing wellness company.

Earth Talk Q & A


Given the economic slowdown around the world due to the coronavirus in 2020, was there a positive impact on climate change?

By Earth Talk

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly led to a decrease in industrial activity and resulting greenhouse gas emissions during its reign over the planet in 2020. A recent study by German researchers calculated that global carbon dioxide emissions fell by about eight percent over the past year.

Recipe of the Month

Valentine’s Treat for Everyone: Vegan Chocolate-Cherry Cobbler

By Forks over Knives

Delicious pairing. This vegan cobbler uses a combination of sweet and tart cherries for balanced flavor and tops them off with rich chocolate dumplings. For extra decadence, top with vegan whipped cream or vegan vanilla ice cream.

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