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Spotlight on Miguel Luciano Combining Career A Caring Hear and Community

By Liz Sterling

Miguel is making his return to the stage in the classic musical “Cabaret,” which will have a nine-day run in early January at the Manuel Artime Theater. “The cast and I are exploring this in a fresh way,” he tells me. “It’s a daunting task to tell such a powerful story about Germany in 1931, but we are confident our interpretation will honor the legacy of the original production, which hit Broadway in 1966 for 1166 shows.”

Sports Feature

2022 Year in Review: The Hits and Some Misses

By Mark Tudino

2023? Already? What happened to 2002 you ask? Well, lots of things and not all of them good. But in the spirit of always looking forward with optimism, instead of looking back in regret, we strive to highlight those achievements, dubious or otherwise, which caught our attention in 2022.

Family Featured 2

Explore What’s Influencing Travel Trends in 2023

By Family Feature

Immediately following the COVID-19 lockdown in the United States, outdoor and drivable destinations were in big demand for domestic travelers. As the country has reopened, Americans embraced the idea of getting back to normal and began traveling much as they did prior to the pandemic.

From the Editor

Time to Retire from Writing This Column

By Brigitte Lang

I wrote my first newspaper column in Happy Herald in 1995. At the time it was called The Happy Times Monthly, and later we changed the name to Happy Herald because people got us confused with High Times Magazine.

Animal Heroes

Happy Veganza New Year

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of

The Veganza Animal Heroes edict will reach a wider mainstream audience utilizing the Veganza Animal Heroes book series, the Veganza Animal Hero Claymation film, the Veganza Vanza, and lively interactive presentations with the actual plant-powered characters from the action-adventure book.

Kung Fu Connection

Scientific Studies Show The Benefits Of Regular Tai Chi Practice

By ShifuRoberto Baptista

The Tai Chi for Fall Prevention Study published in Journal of American Geriatric Society in 2007 (with 702 participants) showed a significant improvement in balance that culminated in the reduction in the risk of falls by 70 percent.

Clutter to Clarity

Kicking off a Successful New Year

By David Hall

We start out the new year with renewed optimism. Setting Goals. Making Resolutions. Activating exercise plans. We promise to spend more time with the kids, travel more, write that book, or take on a new relationship. All good stuff, right?

Family Feature 1

Four Reasons to Consider Adopting a Pet

By Family Feature

More than 23 million American households added a four-legged family member over the last three years, according to data from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Dog World with Tina

On the Left, Please

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Dogs (and children) rely on us for leadership and guidance. Doing what they want, when they want doesn’t instill healthy, safe behaviors. It’s never too late to adapt to the practice of having your dog on left, for the safety of you/your dog, and whoever else is walking with you.

The Art of Letting Go

Living Fearlessly

By Jon Ellis

What are we afraid of? What amazing life opportunities are we being held back from experiencing because of fear? While a little fear is natural, healthy, even necessary to keep our bodies safe, the destructive debilitating fear is anything but healthy.

Family Featured 3

How Cold Weather Activities Can Impact Heart Health

By Family Feature

Clearing sidewalks and driveways of snow may be essential to keep from being shut in, however, it’s important to use caution when picking up a shovel or starting the snowblower.

Happy Motoring

Tolls In and Out of Virginia City in the 1800s

By Teresa Aquila

In our modern times with vehicles filled with electronic safety devices and electric vehicles, paying your fair share of the road via taxes is nothing new.

Recipe of the Month

Chia Vegan Yogurt Pudding

By Brigitte Lang

“Ch-ch-ch-chia” may be a familiar jingle to you if you grew up during the 1980s. Little did we know those popular ceramic pets sprouting grass “hair” were not only edible, but often referred to as a “superfood.”

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