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Healthy Living

The Evolution of Plant-based Diary Alternatives

By Karen Ellis-Ritter

The dairy industry has been bemoaning a downward trend in consumer demand for several years now, despite millions upon millions of dollars in annual government subsidy bailouts (which results in millions of gallons of unwanted, dumped milk). Even with the large artificial deflations in consumer costs that are a result of these bailouts, the dairy industry still can’t seem to keep their heads above water.


Procrastination A New Point of View

By Liz Sterling

Sometimes learning a statistic or two is helpful and when it comes to procrastination – it takes a lot of reorienting to move forward. And speaking of moving forward, it is now 2020. My eye doc tells me 20/30 is good, 20/20 is better.

Pet Articles

The Pet Boost: Furry Friends Help Seniors Feel Less Lonely

By NewsUSA

Many older adults experience feelings of loneliness and isolation as they age, but pets can provide the companionship and love seniors desire. A new survey conducted by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care Network, found regular interaction with animals can help to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness in older adults.

Sports Feature

2019 Year In Review: Some Chnages and Some Surprises

By Mark Tudino

When you do a year-inreview column, the temptation is to favor your personal biases – that is, to overlook that which you find uninteresting, or not in your sports wheelhouse. With that in mind, I asked for suggestions from a local celebrity who is plugged in to our sporting culture. We now present, with an assist from my good friend D.M. (he’s shy), the top sports stories for 2019, South Florida style. Feel free to disagree.

Family Feature

Maximizing Family Time

By Family Feature

Building strong connections with trusted adults can give kids a sense of security and a better foundation for achieving their potential. Make spending time together a priority with these engaging activity ideas that allow the whole family to get in on the fun.

Feature Articles

2020 - A Year of More Kind Actions

By Susan Hargreaves

First – Created the first series of Interactive Dramatizations for elementary schools where children become the characters in order to experience and problem solve the challenges other species of animals face. The free, interactive dramatizations are complete with costumes, backdrops and live music.

On the Bright Side

I Love Books!

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

Did you know that the third week in January is National Book Week? As a teacher and a writer, hardly anything delights me more than BOOKS!!! Book Week was created to ignite a love of reading in children. Of course a love of reading becomes an eternal flame, so what better time to share some things I’ve read this year with a likeminded community of readers?

Earth Talk Q & A

Dear Earth Talk:

Is it true that lawn chemicals can cause canine cancer, and if so, how

By Earth Talk

Unfortunately, the answer may very well be yes. A 2012 study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Environmental Research” found that exposure to certain lawn care products, such as the nearly ubiquitous herbicide...

Recipe of the Month

Easy Vegan Pad Thai

By Peta

Ingredients 1 cup water, plus more for soaking the noodles 1 10 oz. package rice noodles or ramen-style noodles 2 Tbsp. olive oil 2 cloves garlic 1/2 12 oz.

Dog World with Tina

Dog Gone Great 2020

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Walks are good for everyone. Dogs guard our homes all day, and wait for that precious time with us. No excuses. Avoid your phone. Calls/texts can wait for 30 minutes. Keep your head up, posture straight, breathe mindfully and burn calories. No retractable/flexi leads, please.

Restaurant Reviews

Pavilion Grille

Get That Glorious Feeling with Great Cuisine, Music and Dancing

By Arnold Leir

life may not always be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we should dance. Even though you haven’t danced in a while, don’t fret, because dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is something else.

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