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SPACE... Test Your Knowledge

By Liz Sterling

Years ago, in the middle of the night, on a stretch of road in the middle of Kansas heading west on Interstate 80, I found myself in the middle of the Milky Way.

Family Feature

Five Tips to Stretch Your Summer Travel Budget

By Family Feature

Many of the nation’s leading travel experts are predicting a surge in travel this summer. It’s no surprise that after months of restrictions, Americans are ready to set out on their next adventures.

Sports Feature

South Florida’s “Godfather” is Number Two – And That Ain’t Bad

By Mark Tudino

While savoring the Heat’s most recent post-season triumph, a four games to two dismantling over the star-laden Philadelphia 76ers, I heard Heat forward Jimmy Butler explain why he’s fit in so well with the Heat. His response was mostly predictable, e.g. good culture, strong locker room, solid coaching staff, etc

Family Feature 1

Five Ways to Celebrate Your Dog

By Family Feature

Pet parents owe a lot to their furry friends for always being there and helping them get through the hard times – whether they’re putting smiles on faces by jumping on the couch for snuggles, or wandering through virtual meetings.

Animal Heroes

Worlds First Vegan Superheroes Novel

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of

The sounds of the Everglades waking up emanated through the top canopy of the mangrove leaves, as a sleek black crow flew through the blooming, steamy morning mist.

The Art of Letting Go


By Jon Ellis

We are constantly surrounded by a charged atmosphere of negativity. Even though we may not be aware of it, we are also surrounded by a sea of positive energy and love. Neither polarity is inherently “good” or “bad,” as they are both equally necessary, not only for the operation of this world of polarity, but for Soul’s training and eventual mastery of wielding free will.

From the Editor

How to Let Go of Obsessive Overthinking

By Brigitte Lang

Sometimes, our heads won’t stop thinking about something. Our thoughts will spin around and around, not willing to let go, obsessing. It might be about another person, a big event coming up, or about ourselves. It might be overthinking a decision, big or small.

Clutter to Clarity

What’s Possible?

By David Hall

If you’ve been following this column for a while or this is your first discovery, you will learn that my philosophy and attitude, passion and efficiency are hallmarks of proper organization in the home, online, and in life.

Dog World with Tina

Dog Event-i-quette

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

The birds (migratory and snow) have flown back up north. You can get a good table at a restaurant with a minimum wait, and traffic has decreased. Daylight Savings Time has kicked in.

On the Bright Side

Got a Minute?

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

Each month I am faced with the challenge of deciding what to share. If you’ve picked up this happy little newspaper and flipped through its pages, and something about my title caught your eye, then I have a responsibility not to waste your time.

Feature Articles

Five Steps to Detoxify Your Body Naturally

By Family Feature

As you prepare your mind and body for the warmer months, you may be interested in detoxification as a way of cleansing and eliminating toxins.

Recipe of the Month

Best Vegan Pizza

By Forks over Knives

Love all the flavors on this vegan pizza – sun-dried tomatoes, jalapeño, basil, corn, and cashew cream; makes for a delicious, multicolored meal!

Happy Motoring

Crimes of Opportunity – Don’t Be a Victim

By Teresa Aquila

With criminals looking for opportunities, don’t become a victim of a vehicle burglary. Many law enforcement agencies have taken a proactive way to reduce vehicle burglaries by following these four steps..

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