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Tuesday, November 1,2011

Ask Dr. Happy

By Dr. Bob Nozik, MD  
Dear Dr. Happy, I am a twelve year old girl and my father’s brother, my uncle Jerry, came to see my parents. But they were both at the store so I was home alone. Uncle Jerry came in, grabbed me, and said: “How about a little kiss for your favorite uncle?” I broke free and ran outside. When Dad got home I told him what happened but he got mad at me! What should I have done?


Dear Worried, Well, I want to give you a lot of credit for doing exactly what you should have done in getting away from Uncle Jerry and telling your dad; your dad, however, not so much. But because Dad didn’t come through for you, now you need to do more; you need to find an adult ally…NOW! Tell your mom what happened, or another family member. If you still don’t get support and protection, consider telling one of your teachers or the school nurse. The important thing is to do it NOW; don’t wait. From now on, do not allow yourself to be alone with Uncle Jerry. What he did was way out of line and posses a real danger to you. Your dad, I’m sorry to say, failed in his primary duty of protecting you, his child.


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