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Thursday, February 2,2012

One Month Later...How´s That New Year´s Resolution Coming Along

By Dana Gore  

Are you still with it or have you thrown in the towel already? You know what I´m talking about... that determination you began in 2012 to lose all of your holiday weight and then some? So have you dropped a few pounds? Are you feeling connected to the goals you’ve set for yourself…or…did you join the gym, spend a couple hundred bucks on a quick fix miracle diet and go crazy from all of the pain and deprivation just a few short weeks later? I am willing to bet that many (although not all) of you fit into the category of the latter. The reason I say this is because it’s normal. Most people begin their new year going to extremes to ensure the quickest way to reaching the goals they set for themselves. When it comes to weight-loss, this is almost always the case. You see, when our self-image is dependent on our looks, weightrelated issues strike a nerve. It’s an area that many of us feel we have no control over and to top it off, this can be a very emotional and painful subject. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves and if we don’t, our natural instinct is to run from the pain and FIX. IT. NOW. Here is the truth from someone who only wants good things for you.... If you have given up, it is because you haven’t yet DECID- ED to get fit and healthy, nor have you come to understand that this is a lifestyle. It’s a frame of mind. A mental picture, if you will, that we hold of ourselves that constantly plants the realization that every healthy choice we make is not a punishment, but a gift. It comes from POUNDING the thought “I value my life so much that I only care about foods and activities that will provide me with optimal health and performance”. This comes from a place of desiring self-empowerment. There is no other way to go about it and succeed.

Try this: Dismiss any frustration you may feel over “failed” weight-loss attempts. Today is a new day. DECIDE you’re worth treating yourself with dignity and respect. Your choices will reflect this. If you need tips, check out one of my previous Happy Herald articles or send me an email. It’s never too late


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