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Thursday, July 5,2012

Smart Options for Summer Fitness

By Dana Gore  
Regardless of the time of the year, all forms of fitness offer immense benefits. Yoga, strength training and boot camps are just a few of the styles of exercise that can keep you in great shape. However, considering the fact it’s just so hot and humid outside during this time of the year, I’d like to offer you a couple of possibilities to enable you to get a great workout in this summer if wants to keep your outdoor options open. Unless you have been properly acclimated to engage in a high intensity fitness program in extreme heat, you need to begin light and work your way up. A wise strategy would be to start with some low impact outdoor activities while saving the more intense workouts for the climate controlled indoor environments. Some ideas of great outdoor fitness options are:


Walking is an ideal way to build up a tolerance for exercising in the heat. You can start at a pace that is realistic for your level of fitness and progress to a higher intensity by increasing speed or adding in small strength training moves such as mini walking lunges. Since the heat is generally less extreme early in the morning and then again in the evening, these will be the most ideal times to get your fitness walk in. Just make sure you keep yourself well hydrated by having water with you during your walk as well as drinking some before and after.


One of the best ways to keep yourself cool and comfortable while getting a full body workout is to swim. Water aerobics and swimming laps are great ways work your entire body and you can tailor the intensity to suit your needs and desires. Swimming helps promote flexibility and endurance and also helps to rebuild strength after having been injured. Whether you are doing speed laps or simply treading water, pool workouts pack a big punch and if you need further convincing that swimming can sculpt an amazing physique, just do a Google image search of Olympic Champion, Dara Torres. While fitness is an asset to our lives all year round, it’s always best to be informed about the role climate plays in our workouts and be prepared. Happy Summer!


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