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Thursday, May 7,2015

Flea & Tick Season is Here!

By Pet Expert  

When is Flea Season?

Flea season usually starts in May and goes through to winter. However because of our mild winter flea season has arrived early this year. Flea prevention can be stopped once temperature is consistently below the freezing point which is very rare in Florida.

How can you tell if your animal has fleas?

The symptoms that an animal experiences when they have fleas can vary depending on if they are allergic to the flea saliva. An animal that is not allergic may not even itch if infested with fleas. On the other hand, an animal that is highly allergic to the flea saliva may itch and scratch excessively even after one flea bite. Most animals that have fleas will either have the presents of a black pepper substance on the fur, or they will be scratching and/or chewing at the back end of their body.

What is the recommendation for flea prevention & control?

Here at Paw Depot we carry Advantage II and Advantix II which provides both flea and tick protection and is very well tolerated by sensitive pets. We stopped carrying Frontline Plus and Revolution because it seems to have lost its effectiveness against parasites and has a higher incident of side effects. Advantage and Advantix II are topical flea preventatives applied once monthly to all animals in the environment.

We also have several all natural environmental treatments available too. We carry Herbal knockout spray by Naturvet and several variations of Diatomaceous Earth for pets. These sprays and powders use all natural ingredients and are completely safe for your pets and children. If infestation is severe Flea bombs target the tops of surfaces, rugs and furniture. Diatomaceous earth and a lot of vacuuming is also a great idea to limit the number of fleas in your environment.


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