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Wednesday, September 2,2015

Fabulous Coconut Oil

By Pet Expert  

You may be familiar with the myriad benefits of coconut oil for our health. Did you know that this miracle oil is equally beneficial for our pets! Paw Depot considers our pets members of our family, and we know you do, too. Our doggies and kitties love the taste of coconut and it’s an incredibly healthy treat.


Coconut is primarily made up of an enzyme called Lauric acid, which is responsible for many of its health benefits. The only other abundant source of Lauric acid found in nature is in human breast milk, which keeps infants from getting infections. In our pets, Lauric acid generates the same natural benefits. It fights and destroys viruses and various pathogenic bacteria, protecting our pets against infection and boosting their immune system. Additionally, coconut gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitality, speeds healing, and can help overweight pets lose weight and sedentary pets feel more energetic. As a bonus, coconut enhances the skin and coat, improves digestion and reduces allergic reactions.

Coconut is also fantastic when applied topically to dry, itchy skin for relief of irritation or applied to wounds for speedy healing and to alleviate pain. When fed regularly to our pets as a food, treat or supplement, coconut has proven benefits:

• Clears up Skin conditions such as eczema flea allergies, contact dermatitis, and itchy skin

• Makes coats sleek & glossy

• Deodorizes doggy odor

• Reduces bad breath

• Regulate & balance insulin & thyroid levels

• Help with arthritis or ligament problems

• Speeds healing of cuts, wounds, hot spots and insect bites and stings when applied topically For best results you should always look for the most pure, least processed form available. When it comes to coconut oil, look for “extra virgin”, “coldpressed”, and organic.

For more information or expert grooming services come to the Paw Depot and speak to our pet experts. Pet Diet & Nutritional advice is always FREE and we have a great variety of high quality food, treats and supplements for your pets.


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