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Monday, October 5,2020

Veganza Animal Hero to the Rescue

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of  
Help, we need a hero – we need a capable experienced female with perspective and a few special powers, too. How about someone who can instill empathy in others, freeze a scene where injustice is taking place, and make the perpetrators feel the fear the victims feel? Yes, we need more heroes – we need to be heroes ourselves in order to stand up, speak up, and end the unjust treatment of others.

Enter a world where teens become heroes, hunters grow hearts, and powerful women heroes with wings and fins rescue animals in distress, and empower youth to compassionate action.

Veganza Animal Hero and Courage the Mermaid will appear in the first of a series of books as well as a Claymation short this October.

If you need to escape to a beautiful world, it exists in the pages of “Veganza Animal Hero,” and in the spellbinding art of the illustrator Monique Martinez.

The first time a vegan superhero was created was in 2015 in the first volume edition of “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless.” The character has changed her name and has made a lot more friends since then!

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Veganza Song Challenge

We want to hear your dulcet tones and marvel at your stunning lyrics in the Veganza Animal Hero Song Challenge, in any genre.

Can you sing opera, are you a rapper, or a pop star when you sing in the shower?!

Email us your video performance of the song you created for the “Veganza Animal Hero” Claymation video by Oct. 23 to, or post your song to your social media and use these hashtags: #VeganzaSongChallenge #animalherokidtober


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