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Tuesday, September 3,2013

Happy Motoring

By Teresa Aquila  

While growing up, I remember my father constantly wiping down our 1956 Cadillac, which he bought used for mire pennies compared to today’s used car prices. His pride for that automobile was contagious. When I was given my first bicycle, I too was so proud that I followed in my fathers footprints and kept that bike shining like the sun. During that time, of course I refrain from giving the date. After all, ladies do not reveal their ages, detail products were limited to a select few since the automobile was still developing the cars´ finish and not many companies were producing high end waxes. Not true today. You can choose from applications using a buffer to Wax As You Dry. After doing a nice detail on your vehicle, whether it is done by a professional or you do it yourselves, standing back and seeing that finish glow is a rather great feeling.


At least in my book. So the ques- tion you ask is, "What is a good wax to use on my finish?" Good question. First you need to know what type of paint your cars finish has. If you are unsure and the finish is original, calling your local automotive paint store and giving them your vehicle’s paint code can help in most cases, but I have found some products that work on all finishes and produce a luster to be proud of.

When washing my vehicles, I always use “Wax as you dry” just to give it a little help between waxes, but I find that Adams car finish and Meguires offer a large variety to choose from depending on your paint´s needs. Summit Racing carries both companies´ products and it can be shipped right to your home. If you are at a Car show, showing off that great classic, Adams has a Banana wax that can be applied in any weather -hot or cold sun or shadewith great results and it is easy to apply. I keep a bottle close to all the classics and everyday driver I own. Not everyone has the option to keep their car in a covered area or a garage. The outside elements are harsh on your car´s finish. So finding products that can offer a lasting result is worth its weight in gold. If your time is limited, I found that Meguires and Adams both offer a quick detail spray for when you need to just give it a quick touch up. Waxing your car´s finish is like applying cream to your skin to keep it looking young and beautiful for years to enjoy. We spend a lot of money on our automobiles keeping them running so why not do the same to the outer finish? There are also many products on the market for your exterior. If you are not into doing this type of up keep yourself, it will pay off in the long run if you have it done by a professional. The cost of a good paint job will set you back a few bucks.


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