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Monday, June 3,2013

The Customer Comes First

By Brian Tracy  


The ability to close a sale can also be hindered by a lack of sincerity. This often occurs when the salesperson becomes more concerned about earning the commission than with benefiting the customer. As soon as a salesperson begins to see the prospect as a source of money rather than as a person who needs help with a product or service, her tone of voice, body language, and attitude change. Once the salesperson starts thinking about the commission, the prospect starts feeling like a fish in a bowl with a cat looking on.

Prospects are very perceptive. They pick up emotional vibrations from the salesperson. Prospects know when you are trying to help them, as opposed to trying to make a sale that will help you. It is essential that you keep your mind focused on what you can do for your customer. The sale and the commission will follow naturally.

If you are going to sell five days a week, you should go to bed early five days a week. Turn off the television, shut down the house, and get to be by 10:00 PM. Get eight full hours of sleep.


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