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Tuesday, October 7,2014

Happy Healthy Halloween

By Ashley Dixon  



It’s my favorite time of year because Halloween typically starts the eating holidays. Healthy eating tends to disappear starting in October, but it shouldn’t have to. This quarter we will be targeting all the holidays and how to make these holidays healthier.

Want to hand out something different to snack on this year? Here are a few alternatives to give out during this sweet treat holiday.

Nuts are great candy alternatives that are loaded with protein. They help with reducing inflammation and are great for heart health. They also come in snack packs to hand out to children or adults.

Pretzels are great snacks with low fat and less sugar than candy. Aim for giving out the nonsalted pretzels. Children also love the gold fish crackers as well.

Chocolate covered fruit: Still want to hand out chocolate? No worries, you can always hand out chocolate covered nuts, cherries, or raisins to sneak in that nutritional value. Chocolate covered pretzels are also available.

Dark Chocolate is my favorite snack. As long as the cocoa level is above 70%, it can assist with blood flow and lowering blood pressure. It is a great antioxidant, which helps with all sorts of conditions including cancer and inflammation.

All Natural Fruit Snacks: Health food stores contain an assortment of fruit snacks without the added sugar.

Just Fruit: Have you ever put an orange or a banana in a Halloween Bag? Probably not, but it isn’t a bad idea. Fast food restaurants and grocery stores have little fruit bags that can be handed out.

No Food At All: Snacks don’t always have to be given out during this season. Feel free to give school supplies, toys, or free food coupons instead of the snacks.

This is the best time of the year to be creative. Stay happy, healthy, and safe this Halloween.


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